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Basic Networking
LAN Drives (H: and I:)
Off-Campus (VPN)

Basic Networking (Connect to the Internet)
Mac OS X, like Windows, supports common, standards-based network protocols such as TCP/IP and Bonjour/zeroConf. By default, Mac OS X is configured to use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), which means the Mac requests automatic address assignment from the attached network. This is the required configuration for using Lehigh's network.

Apple's AirPort wireless hardware is standards-based 802.11b/g/n. Lehigh currently provides secured wireless access over 802.11b/g incorporating the 802.1x WPA2 authentication standard. Mac OS X will typically automatically configure for this type of network, prompting only for username/password. Additional information is available on the Lehigh Wireless web page.

Mac OS X can be configured to print to network printers with relative ease, using the Add button in the Print & Fax Preference Pane. Most modern network printers are configured to be browseable, so those located on the same local network (usually within the same building) are visible in the Default printers list. Campus network printers can be configured using the Lehigh Print Select web page [printing charges are managed through PaperCut.]

Access to LAN drives (H: and I:)
Connecting to your LAN file space (commonly known as "your H: drive" because access is provided on Windows PCs using those drive letters mappings) can be accomplished in Mac OS X through the Finder "Go" menu, "Connect to Server" and type one of the following (based on your alphabetic assignment of your user id, replacing the sample id below with yours):

Faculty and staff who need to access departmental common space ("I: drive") may use:

Accessing the read-only public folder of someone else's H: drive requires appending public/ to the correct server path in the instructions above. For example:

You will be required to authenticate using your own Lehigh username and password (by default the username box may contain your Mac username, you need to replace it with your Lehigh username.)

You can avoid the need to do this procedure every time by creating an Alias to your LAN folder in Finder, using "File" menu, "Create Alias", or by holding the Option and Command keys while dragging the folder to your desktop.

Off-Campus (Lehigh VPN)
Due to security concerns, many types of connections into Lehigh's campus network that are initiated from the Internet (e.g. ISPs) are restricted. With the exception of most web-based services and authenticated email, it may not be possible to establish a direct connection from off campus to computing resources within Lehigh's network. In these situations, you need to establish a temporary VPN connection (Virtual Private Network.)

Lehigh supports only the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client for Mac OS X.

For more information and configuration instructions, see the Lehigh VPN web page.