Windows 8 Support

Library and Technology Services (LTS) has been testing Windows 8, Microsoft's newest desktop operating system, for the past several months in order to gauge its suitability for general implementation at Lehigh.

Currently, due to significant differences in the structure of the user interface, and the lack of compelling new functionality, LTS will not be adopting Windows 8 as a primary supported operating system, and will only offer limited support for it (see ACIS support policy #1 for definitions of support levels). Testing of application functionality under Windows 8 will continue, and information regarding application compatibility will be provided via the LUIS (Lehigh University Install Software) system at

Windows 7 (64-bit) will continue to be used as the standard Windows OS for Lehigh deployments (faculty/staff), and those purchasing computers are cautioned to select only models which are supported by Windows 7. See your Computing Consultant for assistance.

Under Lehigh’s Microsoft Campus Agreement, students, faculty and staff will be entitled to a version of Windows 8 for use on their personal machines. At this time, we are unsure of which version will be provided, but when the media is released, it will be available to students, faculty and staff in the bookstore at a nominal fee (to cover the media costs) as in the past.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Windows 8, please contact the Help Desk at 8-HELP (8-4357) or contact your Computing Consultant for assistance.

Last updated: Friday, 07-Dec-2012 16:23:04 EST