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Linderman Renovation Update
September 8, 2004

The Linderman Library renovation project continues to make good progress with the milestone of completing the schematic design phase reached in late July. During this phase, the Linderman planning group working with the architects, MGA Partners, determined what functions will be in which spaces within the building including mapping out locations for the mechanical and telecommunications infrastructure.

The next phase is design development. Library and Technology Services leadership and selected LTS staff and faculty will be working with the architects in late August and September on the specifics of the various spaces to determine equipment and furniture needs and layout for each. At the same time, there will be a wide-ranging communications effort to provide staff, faculty and students with the latest information on the Linderman renovation and to alert them to evolving plans for providing library service during the anticipated 18-month Linderman Library closure. Also during the summer, LTS librarians began to review the collections in Linderman to consider what volumes should be re-located to Fairchild Martindale Library (primarily Dewey 000s) or the Library Materials Center, and to weed unneeded duplicate items from the collection.

The target date for the start of construction is May 2005. This phase will take approximately 18 months, and the goal is to have the renovated Linderman Library "open for business" at the start of the spring semester in January 2007. Detailed plans are in the works to provide additional study space on campus (most likely in the Johnson Room in the University Center), to offer timely delivery of materials from the Library Materials Center to the Asa Packer campus, to retrieve materials from the Linderman collection for patrons whenever possible, and to identify ahead of time materials from Linderman that will be needed for courses during the closure so that they may be housed in Fairchild-Martindale Library.

Fundraising for Linderman is ongoing with this fiscal year being a key time for identifying, cultivating and soliciting potential major donors. Gifts and commitments have already been received for some of the named spaces. To stay current on overall progress on the project, check out the Web site where additional information (including graphical material) will be added as it becomes available:

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