PDA Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I change my email password in VersaMail?

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How do I change my email password in SnapperMail?

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Version 2


Version 1.9

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How do I change my server settings in VersaMail?

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How do I change my server settings in SnapperMail?

Version 2


Version 1.9

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How do I change the default page that displays in my browser?

You can customize the display that appears on your Treo each time you go to the Web.

Tap Web from the Main Menu to open Blazer.


Press the menu button to access the Blazer menu.

Select Options | Preferences from the menu.

At the top of the Page screen is a pull-down menu which allows you to select the display source when you Start.

The choices are: Last Page Viewed, Bookmarks, Home Page, Blank Page. Tap on the down arrow to access the choice you want as your default.
NOTE: Selecting Bookmarks or Blank Page prevents a page from loading each time you open your Web browser.

To change the default Home Page, click the field which displays <Default>. This will open another window that allows you to enter the URL. There is also a pull-down arrow that displays a history of pages you have visited. If your choice is listed, you can simply select it from this list.

Even if you don't select Home Page as your Start With option, you should select a default Home Page that is accessed when you press the Home icon in Blazer.

Press the OK button to save your changes and return to the previous window.

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Why are some events not appearing after I sync to the Oracle Calendar?

  1. Make sure that the entries in question are within the date range you specified.

  2. Make sure you are using Oracle Sync for Palm, version 10 or greater. To check the version, follow the directions found here.

  3. If both of the conditions above (1 and 2) have been met, perform a Full Sync.

Can I adjust the keyguard settings?

There are some changes you can make to the default setting for the keyguard (a feature of the Treo that manually disables all buttons and the screen's touch-sensitive feature to prevent accidental presses in your briefcase or pocket).

The default setting on your Treo is for auto-keyguard to be activated when your device is turned off. To disable keyguard, press Center. Although you cannot change the allotted time for pressing Center, you can prevent the auto-keyguard from resetting immediately after your device powers off.

From the main menu, tap Prefs.

In the Prefs menu, tap Keyguard.

Tap the field under Auto-Keyguard to select the setting you prefer. You can either disable the auto-keyguard or delay activation for 5 seconds or 30 seconds after powering off.

You can also choose to disable the touchscreen when you are using the telephone by checking either or both of the boxes at the bottom of the Window.
WARNING: If you check the box for On a call, you will not be able to use your touchscreen to select options like Speaker-phone or Hang up and you cannot enter codes using the touchscreen keypad.

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My Palm or Treo is not syncing to the Oracle Calendar. What could be causing this?

Each time your Palm device syncs, a log will be created. The log will usually provide a helpful clue to your syncing problem. Open the log by clicking on the HotSync icon in your system tray in the bottom right corner of your screen and select View Log | [your name].

Below are possible error messages or log entries and suggestions for correcting:

Follow the directions for performing a Full Sync. After the full sync has finished, make sure you have set Quick Sync as the default setting.

This usually indicates that the timezone.ini file is not in the proper folder because of a bug in the Oracle Calendar Sync for Palm installer. You must manually correct the problem by copying timezone.ini from C:\Program Files\Oracle\Calendar Sync for Palm to C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Oracle\Calendar Sync for Palm.

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How can I delete messages on the server as well as on my Treo in VersaMail?

If you want to delete a message on both your handheld device and the server, you might have to take extra steps.

When you first delete a message, you should see the Delete Confirmation message. (see below)

Delete Confirm

the box for "Also delete message(s) on server" and press OK.

After you have finished reviewing your messages, you must empty the Trash, by clicking on the menu and selecting Message | Empty Trash.
Press the button labeled Both.

Empty Trash

You should then get a message asking you to Update the Server. Press OK.

Update Server

The Update should indicate that it is syncing your Palm changes.

Sync Palm Changes

Once, this is completed,
the message should now be deleted on both your Treo and on the mail server. 

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