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Links for information on MS Access 2007

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Microsoft Office 2007 Products Website
Information about Access 2007
Tips on how to use Access 2007
About Databases (
MS Developer’s Web Site

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Tips Using the Microsoft Web Site

On the left, you will find a list of Microsoft office products.  Click on Access to get to the Access page.  On the left panel, you will find many topics, ranging from product information to technical resources.  Some topics have sub topics.  Following are recommended topics:

Product Information
Access Help
Access Training 
Access Templates

Each document had a Printer-Friendly Version icon on the right.  Use the printer utility to print a hardcopy of that page.

Tips on Allen Browne’s Web Site

The Access 2007 link summarizes the changes in Access 2007:

What’s Good What's Fixed What’s Gone
What’s Mixed   What ‘s Broken  

In tips, the author gives many useful tips for novice users as well as experienced users.

Remember:  book mark or print out what you find useful.

About Databases

This site gives much the same information as Microsoft’s web site.

MS Developer's Website

This is for the experienced user.  Faint of heart should not enter.



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LTS Microsoft Vista Website

Microsoft's Office 2007 Website

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