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Lehigh University Memorabilia

Held by Special Collections, Linderman Library
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015

Call No.: SC MS 054
24 boxes, 9 drawers, envelopes, frames, etc.

Material in Special Collections donated by families and friends of Lehigh.


1. Baseballs (16)
Lehigh-Lafayette (painted brown and white)
1889 Lehigh 8--Lafayette 6
1892 Lehigh 9--Lafayette 3
1893 Lehigh 17--Lafayette 11
1989 Lehigh 17--Lafayette 6
1900 Lehigh 9--Lafayette 5
1900 Lehigh 4--Lafayette 3
1903 Lehigh 2--Lafayette 0
1903 Lehigh 3--Lafayette 2
1907 Lehigh 4--Lafayette 2

Lehigh-Army (painted grey)
1893 Lehigh 10--Army 3
1901 Lehigh 20--Army 6

Lehigh-University of Pennsylvania
1890 Lehigh 11--Penn 7 (painted red and blue)
1918 Lehigh 3--Penn 2 (natural color)

Lehigh-Yale (painted dark blue)
1892 Lehigh 2--Yale 1
1893 Lehigh 14--Yale 4
1901 Lehigh 10--Yale 8

2. Corn cob pipes (11 in all) (given out at Freshman Alumni Rally in fall) 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1976 (2), 1977 (3), 1978
3. Brown & white lapel studs (29)
4. Small American flags (2) (1 with 50 stars, 1 with 13)
5. Lehigh "buttons" (3) with following words:
Lehigh Hoopla
Do it Engineers
Emery House Vaudeville Show, Spring Houseparty 1969
6. Styrofoam football (1) Lehigh-Lafayette 1990
7. Brass cover and dance program, c.1910
8. Small plastic frisbie and flyswatter stamped "Lehigh Summer Studies" (1992)
9. Sword and Scabbard key (AROTC Honor Society) given by Robert Pursel, '27, in 1994.


1. Sterling silver plated trays (2) inscribed as follows:
"Presented to Howard Foering '90 by the 50+ classes of Lehigh University, June 3, 1967 in recognition of his life long devotion to Lehigh, her traditions and ideals and as the present day Patriarch of her alumni."

"Presented to Lehigh University on its Centennial AD 1966
The Diocese of Bethlehem, The Episcopal Church"
(Resolution from Episcopal convention included)

Brass Plaque on wood. "The National Multiple Schlerosis Society, Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter presents this award to The Powder Puff Football Team of Lehigh University, in appreciation of their efforts in conducting a benefit football game to help in the battle against Multiple Schlerosis. (no date)

Portrait of Asa Packer in frame ca.1840. Matting is gold leafed, with some gold leaf on frame. (6 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches)

Football ticket stubbs.


1. Slide rule in leather case from
Robert C. Good, Class of 1940, used also by his father Robert C. Good, Class of 1919. (Donated 1988)
2. Wooden shield with Lehigh Seal (17 x 15 inches) (gift in honor of Carl H. Vogt, Class of 1909, given by daughter and son-in-law Mr. & Mrs. Robert Flaherty in 1984)
3. Leather banner (18 x 31 inches) with Lehigh in script letters (off white banner with faded brown lettering)
4. Felt banner (21 x 46 inches) Lehigh 1908 in block letters sewn on (brown banner, white letters)
5. Felt pennant (18 x 29 inches) Lehigh (brown with white letters and "bulldog" seal)
6. Felt "L" Letter (White with brown; cheerleader's megaphone sewn in)


1. Trowels (3) (approx. 14 x 5 inches) used for ceremonial ground-breaking ceremonies at Lehigh
A. "Used at the laying of the cornerstone of the Packer Memorial Church of Lehigh University, S. Bethlehem, Pa. by Edward Coppee Mitchell, R.W.G.M. Oct. 8, 1885."
B. "This trowel was used in laying the corner stone of the enlarged University Library, February 22nd, 1929."
C. "Official trowel cornerstone unveiling Mart Science and Engineering Library, Lehigh University, June 3, 1967.

2. Department of Commerce Meritorious Service Medals (2) awarded to Edwin L. Reynolds, Class of 1922. (He was First Commissioner of patents of the U.S. Patent Office)
A. Silver medal in glass, awarded Feb. 14, 1958.
B. Gold medal in glass, awarded Feb. 14, 1965.

3. Medal struck by the Confederate States of America 22 February 1862 in honor of George Washington, which reproduces the Equestrian statue at Richmond. (in fancy black carved case)

4. Portrait of Bishop Stevens (as a young man) (3 x 2 inches) in leather case.

5. Fancy steel compass in a leather case (3 x 3 inches).

6. Mechanical drawing tools in a leather case (7 x 3 inches). (Label inside Reeves & Sons, London.)

7. Silver plated Railroad Spike first driven into the road bed of the Lehigh Valley Railroad by Asa Packer. (Given by Mrs. Emilie Chapman Rathbun.)

8. Steel engraving of Asa Packer, by John Sartain, Philadelphia. (Gift of Robert Honeyman, Class of 1920.)

9. Two meerschaum pipes presented by Asa Packer, Mar. 24th,1877.

10. Wax candle from U.S.S. Maine when it was sunk. (description attached.) Donated by George Ritzinger, Class of 1957.

11. Metal ashtray "The Dormitories, Lehigh U...." (Taylor Hall) impression.

12. Shard of wooden goalpost (framed) November 22, 1969. (Lehigh 36-Lafayette 19.

13. Intramural medals (58 in all) in 1 display BOX. (each is about 1 1/2 by 1 inch, in gold, silver, or bronze.

14. BOXing medals (2) with brown and white ribbon attached, in a BOX, titled "Fite Nite"

15. Small license plate (Lehigh University 2141) 4 x6 inches

16. Strip of views of campus and city (12 in all) 1905, 5 x 8 inches.


1. Tin BOX, 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 x 4 inches, used by Honorary Degree Committee to save notes.
2. Carved wooden cup, base is carved human hand "A souvenir from Pitcairn made by Fred Christian."
3. Metal canal boat horn (it works!) "gift of Viola Fernside"
4. Rounded stone, hollowed out (sort of like a donut). "A prehistoric mining implement picked up in an ancient copper mine by Thomas Rafael Leighton, '21, Director of Engineering, University of Chile, and presented by him to Lehigh University as a symbol of a scholarly and scientific intercourse between the University of Chile and Lehigh University, October 3, 1941.
5. Two small rulers and 2 small folders (1 wood, 1 bone). From Henry Borhek, Class of 1898 donated by his daughter Mary Borhek in 1991.


1. Chinese embroidered silk banner (36 x 24 inches) "from H. Tsai, '19".
2. T-shirt "Join the Old Boy Network, Not just for old boys" with computer image of Asa Packer on front, and "Lehigh University Libraries" on back (issued in honor of installation of the computer network in 1985.
3. Red silk badge (7 x 12 cm.) containing picture of John C. Fremont and words: "Fremont and Freedom/ Republican Candidates/ for President:/ John C. Fremont/ of California./ For Vice President/ William L. Drayton,/ of New Jersey./ 1856.
4. A 2 shilling and six-pence Pennsylvania colonial note (1772).
5. Lapel buttons (3) with logo of 125th Anniversary of Lehigh.
6. Certificate and letter re American Flag, flown over the Capitol of the United States, May 28, 1971, presented to Sam Macri, reunion co-chairman, and delivered to Grace Hall to be hung.
7. "Learn the Lehigh Libraries Asa Brs Cd-rom" button.
8. Class of 1913 Reunion badges from Bob Dynan.
9. Buttons-"Lehigh '42", and "Lehigh 1910." from Kirt Muhlhausen.
10. Nametags (5) from Kirt Muhlhausen.
11. Small copper plated loving cup "Alumni Arts and Hobbies, 1954 to E.K. Muhlhausen."
12. Wooden plaque 14 x 8 x 2 in.) Alpha Phi Omega with list of 10 names on back.
13. Blueprint of Laurel Grove Inn and vicinity, Lehigh University Surveying School, Canadensis, Pa. June 1941. (includes names of participants).
14. Student notebook (F.O. Dufour, L.U. 1896) with some notes on pottery, glass, glycerin, beer, and mechanics of materials.


1. Page from Harper's Weekly, Sept. 1, 1888, with collage of Lehigh pictures (in mylar)
2. Certificate (in leather folder) from Virginia Polytechnic Institute noting the dedication of Packard Laboratory, 1930.
3. Small pennant "Lehigh University, Division II N.C.A.A. National Champions, 1977" (Football), special issue of magazine reviewing the successful season, and plaque with team picture (all identified) and won/lost record.
4. Valedictory Medal (round, leather, 26 cm. in diameter) presented to A. E. Forstall on Banner Day, June 20, 1883, with letter of presentation to Lehigh by his son, W.C. Forstall in 1975.
5. Booklet of campus views by Elliott, 1909, with letter from Dr. Drinker as first page (sent to Alumni?)
6. Transcript (with seal and ribbon) Kenneth Shiffert M.S. 1938.
7. Two tablets and 3 plastic drawing tools (broken) from Paul G. Breinig, '18.

V.J. (Pat) Pazzetti, Class of 1915.

1. Plaster plaque, white with brown pennant and football scores, 1912. (cracked and glued)
2. Certificate in leather case (and same certificate in frame housed separately). Alumni Award of L.U. Alumni Assoc., presented June 10, 1955 to Pazzetti (with paragraph of recognition.)
3. Certificate in leather case. Lehigh Club of New York Honor Cup Award to Pazzetti, April 19, 1964, (with 4 paragraphs of recognition).
Book: "Football Hall of Fame, V.J.(Pat) Pazzetti". Leather volume containing copies of newspaper clippings announcing his selection for the Hall of Fame, 1961.
Loose in frames
1. Framed "Extract from the minutes of a special meeting of the Board of Governors [of Saucon Valley Country Club] held on September 6, 1957" honoring Eugene Grace and Vincent Pazzetti for their work on the new golf course, and naming the Course and the Halfway House for each of them respectively, (including pictures of the oil portraits of each of them in golf attire).

2. "National Football Hall of Fame (2 copies) to Vincent Joseph Pazzetti, Jr., LehighUniversity, AllAmerican Quarterback, 1912...January 26, 1961,
New Brunswick, N. J."

3."Hall of Fame" Head shots of inductees (in their playing days) Reeds, Pazzetti, Sufferidge, Reynolds, Davis, Justice, McAfee, Caldwell, Faurot, Humble. 1961.

Cap, Gown and Hood
William Harrison Kavanaugh, Lehigh 1894, cap, gown, and hood. (includes note of donation to Lehigh in 1991 by his son, William R. Kavanaugh of Kalamazoo, MI.

BOX 10
Scrapbook of memorabilia collected by William H. (Billy) Raeder, Class of 1876, and presented at the time of his 50th year of matriculation in 1922. It includes programs, clippings, etc. from his college days and several typed pages of "recollections" about his class and their doings.

BOX 11
Folders of correspondence, etc.

Folder 1:
Preston A. Lambert material: Professor of Mathematics, 1884-1926.
Includes programs, letters to him, 2 Crematorium newssheets (1922, 1925), invitations (including 2 Fourth of July celebrations at the home of Robert Sayre 1898 and 1901) (invitation and program for dinner for Warren Wilbur, 1913) and clipping with caricatures of alumni for dinner in Scranton.

Folder 2:
George F. Kunz, American Numismatic Society, New York City. 17 letters TO him, from J.B. Mackintosh, W.J. Bayley, and Joseph Richards, all with some relation to Lehigh, written from 1885-1919.

BOX 12
LEHIGH Banner, ca. 1909, felt, brown with white block letters (information on donation with material.
Engraving of Lehigh seal (in reverse) HEAVY--came from New Century Fund
Banner, 1897, Reunion disk (1897-1847) and scrapbook of pressed flowers..(given in 1996 by Erle Reiter Hammum’s daughter.
Disk (3 inch round) Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, 1940, given to Al Pense...

BOX 13
Silver plate (tower representing independence of Pakistan) given by family of Kamran Majid, Class of 2000.

BOX 14
Following items came from Alumni Office, in September 2001
1904 Class Flag: Cloth. Donated by H. Ramsey
1911 Class Flag: Nylon. Donated by H. Ramsey
1897 Class Ribbon : Donated by H. Ramsey
Pennant of 50+. Donated by H. Ramsey
1915 Class Armband
1958 Track shirt of Bruce Gilbert. Donated by Amy ? (Gilbert’s daughter)
“Beat the Dean” T-shirt. Dean Thomas

BOX 15
Following items donated by Jan Alan Lewis (class of 1979), by January 4, 2002.
Beverage cup. Plastic, white. Under Lehigh’ seal “Class of 1979"
Announcement on brown cardboard: “Lehigh - Lafayette Weekend Spectacular (the Kinks)”
1918 Calendar: “Lehigh 1918"
1977 Calendar, B&W. “Lehigh University 1977 pike calendar”
1939 Bethlehem bicycle licence plate:2257
City of Bethlehem’s “225th Anniversary Celebration 1741-1966” patch.
2 AAA motorcycles plates: “Bethlehem Motor Club”, “Lehigh Valley Motor Club”
Bumper sticker: “Lehigh students make the best lovers” 11 x 28 cm.
Piece of fabric with Lehigh seal and “Egyptienne Luxury” 17 x 12 cm
Piece of brown leather with Lehigh seal printed in gold, 5 x 7 cm.
6 name stickers (white with brown frame) 6 x 8 cm.
9 postcards (ca. 1905) Lehigh buildings...
4 postcards sent to Carl Kendziora (jazz concert programs printed in back, ca. 1946-48)
BOX of Lehigh pins.
Banner (14 cm x 2 m), felt: “When better women are made Lehigh men will make them”

BOX 16
1 Student binder: Brown, leather, Lehigh seal pressed on, 1920?. 2 notebooks, newspaper clippings, broken plastic ruler, class notes (seems it belonged to Lee Belfonti who was not a Lehigh student)

1 Metal mug: Class of 1926, 25th Reunion mug

1 Wall plaque: Lehigh Intramural Softball 1969, League C

1 Wall plaque: Arcadia XX, 1966-67

Set of dinner table place mats (Lehigh printed on).

---In envelope marked (Robert Webb) R. W. Barrell, Class of 1888
(Donated by Emma Jean Lindberg, March 3, 2003)

Admittance letter (June 19, 1883)
Report Card (Dec. 20, 1883)
Report Card (June 19, 1884)
Report Card (Dec. 17, 1884)
Report Card (June 20, 1885)
Report Card (Dec. 23, 1885)
Report Card (Dec. 26, 1885)
Report Card (June 25, 1886)
Report Card (June 27, 1887)
Report Card (Dec. 22, 1887)
Report Card (June 23, 1888)

R. W. Barrell’s grades 1883-1888 (handwritten, unofficial)

---In envelope marked (Robert Webb) R. W. Barrell, Jr. Class of 1923
(Donated by Emma Jean Lindberg, May 15, 2003)

YMCA Student Dept. Lehigh University card, issued to Robert W. Barrell (Sept. 23, 1919)
Lehigh University Registration Card, issued to R. W. Barrell (Sept. 18, 1919)
Lehigh University Registration Card, issued to R.W. Barrell (Sept. 22, 1920)
Electrical Engineering Soc. of Lehigh University card, issued to R.W. Barrell (Sept. 1919)
Electrical Engineering Soc. of Lehigh University card, issued to R.W. Barrell (? 1920)
Tuition receipt (Sept. 18, 1919) received from R. W. Barrell
Tuition receipt (2/9/1920) received from R. W. Barrell
Tuition receipt (Sept. 22, 1920) received from R. W. Barrell
Tuition receipt (2/2/1921) received from R. W. Barrell
Brown and White subscription receipt for R. W. Barrell (9/21/1920)
Lehigh Burr subscription receipt fro R. W. Barrell (9/22/1920)
Arcadia fee for R. W. Barrell (Nov. 10, 1920)
Lehigh University Band chain

BOX 17
Following items donated by Alumni Association in September 2003. They belonged to Charles Gilbert Hafner, Class of 1946.

1948 Commencement Exercise booklet (Hafner earned an MA)
Two brown hats “1946" on.
Belt buckle (Lehigh and university seal on); LU Volunteer button; “sail on with Lehigh” button; LU (musical note) pin; LU (star and drinking glass on) pin; L in university seal (2) pins; LU in cowboy hat pin; Phi Delta Kappa 1906 pin; 2 “LU 50th” pins, in their original velvet BOXes.
Lincoln bust, brass, 7 inches high. “Charles G. Hafner, Kappan of the Year. Phi Delta Kappa Lehigh University, 1981-82"
Small license plate: Lehigh University 746

Charles Gilbert Hafner’s Lehigh University BA Diploma, 1946,
MA Diploma, 1948,
Pi Gamma Mu membership certificate, 1948,
Beta Theta Chapter, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity life membership certificate, 1945,
Lehigh University Summer Baseball certificate, 1945,
Lehigh University Baseball certificate, 1944,
Sigma Theta Pi certificate, 1951,
Phi Alpha Theta certificate, 1947.

Scrapbook 1, 1943-45: Mostly LU baseball related clippings.
Scrapbook 2, 1945-53: Clippings re baseball, Lehigh University, Moravian College, etc.
Photos and postcards (in Lehiphox)

BOX 18

Percy Hughes
(Received from Elizabeth Hughes-Clark, Hughes's daughter, in December 2001)
Two pins and a key chain in a small jewelry BOX.
Robert Blake Society pin
Keystone shaped pin Lehigh is on
CUTAA key chain

Joseph W. Richards, Class of 1886:
Laboratory metal hammer (9 inches).
9 pieces drafting set. In its original BOX (9 x 4)
Measuring tool. In its original BOX: (8 x 2)

Eugene Monroe Smith, Class of 1942
(Received from Ann Pierce, Smith's daughter, in September 2003)
Slide rule in leather case. Lehigh is printed on. Written “E.M. Smith)
1942 Commencement Program

BOX 19
Robert C. Watson, Class of 1913 –documents from 1959-1960.
Morris E. Stoudt, Class of 1916 –documents from his student years.

BOX 20
Scrapbook of Class of 1895 (?)

BOX 21
Wayne Chenoweth, Class of 1917 –Scrapbook: documents from 1913-1975 (many photos)

BOX 22
J. A. Watson, Class of 1884 –Scrapbook: documents from 1883-1884.

BOX 23
Otto (Oscar) Wuerz –Scrapbook: documents from 1916-1919 (some photographs of students, campus, etc.)
J. M. Howard, Class of 1887 –Scrapbook: documents from 1883-1887, mostly clippings)

BOX 24
Gilbert H. Hoppin –Scrapbook: Most of the pages are blank. A few personal photos and Lehigh Campus prints from 1909.

“Ask ASA” pin. 2 in. diameters pin with Asa Packer’s portrait and Ask Asa on it. Used in promotional activities for Library’s electronic catalog, ca. 1985.

Shovel (located on top shelf)
"Shovel used for the groudbreaking of Metallurgical and Chemical Engineering Building, Lehigh University, May 14, 1964."

"Brick" (located on top shelf)
from torn-down Taylor Stadium, with certificate and stick-on plaque. (in carboard BOX)
In Envelopes

1. Guest Book "Rare Book Room" 1961-1963
2. Visitors' Register-Sept. 25, 1989, Seoul, Korea Lehigh Alumni Club

Framed Certificates

1. "The Stagg Award, To Perpetuate the Example and Influence of Amos Alonzo Stagg, in American Life and Sport. This award is made to the family of Walter R. Okeson, by the American Football Coaches Association, in Recognition of Outstanding Service and Achievement of The Best Interests of Football during the season of 1943."

2. House of Representatives, Harrisburg, Pa. Resolution (in 2 sided frame) on the occasion of Lehigh's 100th anniversary in 1965.

3. Commendation and Citation from United States Congress to Lehigh University on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the original charter. (Feb. 9, 1991) signed by Don Ritter, local congressman and former Lehigh professor.

4. Congratulations from Senate of Pennsylvania to Lehigh University on the occasion of its 125th anniversary of the origianl charter (Feb. 9, 1991) signed by Mark R. Corrigan, Secretary. (Sponsored by the Hon. Jeanette F. Reibman, local State Senator.)

LOG BOOKS from the University Center (20 items). Donated by Timothy Bird, Class of 1964, son of Margaret Bird, who was the receptionist for many years at the U.C.
2 Reservation Books
7 Log books (small) from August 1959 to January 1962.
12 Daily Journal Books, 1959, and 1961 thru 1971.

Large Chinese silk banner with hammered silver decorations (in Room 200, lower shelf case on North side of room)

Lehigh Sweater -from Johnny Maxwell ‘26.



Items located in the flat case in Linderman Room 405.

Drawer 1:
Saucon Valley Fields, Sayre Park, Taylor Stadium.

Folder 1.01 Saucon Valley Fields, 1961; (6) layouts of various sports fields

Folder 1.02 Saucon Valley Fields, 1961; (22) drawings of grading, drainage, seeding, etc.

Folder 1.03 Saucon Valley Fields, 1962; (8) drawings of locker building, track, Field House, etc.

Folder 1.04 Married Graduate Student Housing, 1959; (8) drawings of site, utilities, floor plans, elevations.

Folder 1.05 Saucon Valley Fields; (9) PROPOSED plans, cross country layouts, locker building (some small)

Folder 1.06 Varsity Building; (17) drawings of elevations, floor plans, early sketches

Folder 1.07 Taylor Gymnasium; (12) drawings of floor plans by floor, plans for squash courts, etc.

Folder 1.08 Sayre Park; (16) drawings of comfort station, site plans, utilities, field plans, etc.

Folder 1.09 Taylor Stadium, 1950s; (22) sheets of layouts of field, seating charts, blueprints.

Drawer 2:
Memorabilia and Miscellaneous

Folder 2.01 Centennial I Buildings; (5) floor plans

Folder 2.02 Grace Hall (3) seating charts

Folder 2.03 Area Maps, 1950s (4) sheets, Northampton County, Lehigh County, Bucks County, City of Bethlehem. Bicentennial Map, City of Bethlehem and Vicinity, 1942. Zone Map, City of Bethlehem and Vicinity, 1942.

Folder 2.04 Centennial/Ben Franklin Building (2) floor plans, (one is mirror image of other)

Folder 2.05
Memorabilia of Lehigh University
Centennial Convocation Logo, 1965 (with signatures).
Page, New York Herald, July 23, 1897, re Asa Packer estate
2 large photos, matted, of Asa Packer, signed. (taken by A. Gutekunst, Philadelphia. Certificate appointing Burrell Carnes of Massachusetts counsel to France, 1790.
Posters, Dedication of MountainTop Campus, 1991 (2).
Award Certificate to Lehigh University from St. Louis Exposition, 1904.
Award Certificate to Lehigh University from Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893.
Centennial International Exhibition, 1876--500 share certificate to Asa Packer.
Exposition Universelle de 1889 (France)--Medaille de bronze to Lehigh University.
Statement by Faculty on Death of Asa Packer, May 26, 1879
Statement by Lehigh Valley Railroad Co. on death of Asa Packer, July 1879
Society of the Sigma Nu-Lehigh, Charter, March 1928.

Folder 2.06
18 Sports Posters (see list in MS 054)

Folder 2.07
Blueprints, Class of 1886
High Speed Engine, details of cylinder, steam chest and valves, drawn by C.H. Veeder.
High Speed Steam Engine Governor, drawn by G.H. Cobb.
Back Bearing, drawn by G. Lopez de Latel.
Design by Class of 1886 of 110 I.H.P. Steam Engine, drawn by Geo. H. Cobb.
High Speed Steam Engine, drawn by H.G. Reist.

Drawer 2.5

Centennial Convocation Logo, Lehigh University, 1965, with signatures of participants
Page, New York Herald, July 23, 1897 re Asa Packer estate
Two large photos of Asa Packer (same), matted (by A. Gutekunst)
Certificate appointing Burrell Carnes of Mass. counsel to France, 1790, signed by George Washington.
Page, The Philadelphia Record, June 30, 1918, re Lehigh University (in mylar)

Drawer 2.6 Sports Posters (18 pieces)

Al Hirt, Feb. 20, 1965
Talent Show, Nov. 21, 1974 (2 copies)
Talent Show, Nov. 20, 1975 (2 copies
Beat Lafayette, Nov. 23, 1968
Varsity Football Schedule 1974
Slovak Catholic Sokol, July 16 & 17 (no year)
See You At the Flagpole, Mon. May 7, 1973 (2 copies)
See You At the Flagpole, Mon. May 15, 1972
Freshmen Wrestling playoff, 135 pound, (not completed) (no year)
Wrestling Strength Building, buddy charts (2)
Three write-on posters, for Track, Football, Wrestling.
College Football Centennial Award, 1869-1969, signed by Leckonby and Dunlap (presented to line is blank)
Powder Puff Football Game, Sunday Nov. 11 (no year). Large chicken (designed by Marvin Simmons), with details of game in print.

Drawer 2.7
Blueprints, Class of 1886

1. High speed engine, details of cylinger, steam chest and valves, (drawn by C.H. Veeder, 1886)
2. High speed steam engine governor (drawn by G.H. Cobb, 1886)
3. Back bearing (drawn by G. Lopez de Latel, 1886)
4. Design by Class of 1886 of 110 I.H.P. Steam engine (drawn by Geo. H. Cobb, 1886)
5. High speed steam engine (drawn by H.G. Reist, 1886)

Drawer 3:
Lower Campus & Science and Engineering Library

Folder 3.01
Lower Campus Master Plan 1964, 1968.
Stage 1, Stage 2, 1964, Steinman, Cain, White
Master Plan (2) 1968, Clark & Rapuano.

Folder 3.02
Science and Engineering Library, proposed 1964, by Steinman, Cain & White. (8) plates

Folder 3.03
Science and Engineering Library, Steinman and Cain. (10) sheets of floor plans,
(8) sheets of site and elevations.

Folder 3.04
Science and Engineering Library, Steinman and Cain. Scheme 5, 1965 (5) sheets.
(24) Elevations and plans

Folder 3.05
Science and Engineering Library, (25) sheets of elevations and floor plans.

Folder 3.06
Science and Engineering Library, Jan. 1966.
(12) sheets of floorplans, (4) sheets of elevations, (16) sheets of sketches and floor plans.

Folder 3.07
Science and Engineering Library, 1967. Cain & Co. (11) sheets of office areas. Steinman & Cain, 1965. (7) sheets of site layouts, (8) sheets of floor plans.

Folder 3.08
Science and Engineering Library, Steinman & Co., 1965. (2) sheets site, (6) sheets floor plans, (5) sheets site and floor plans, (7) sheets equipment, (1966), (16) sheets plans and floor plans.

Drawer 4:
Science and Engineering Library
Folder 4.01 Science and Engineering Library, Blueprints. Complete set.
Folder 4.02 Science and Engineering Library, Blueprints.
Folder 4.03 Science and Engineering Library, (2) sets whiteprints.
Folder 4.04 Science and Engineering Library. (10) working prints. Atrium, 1983, (5) sheets.

Drawer 5:
Computing Center, Linderman Library

Folder 5.01
Mart Library 1981 (6) expansion by floors, Library and Computing Center (8) sheets, furnishing by floors 1982, (8) sheets. Progress set, May 1982, (15) sheets.

Folder 5.02
Linderman Library 1963, (6) floor plans for expansion. (3 sets); proposed addition (2) sheets, proposed addition and alterations 1959 (2) sets, stack layout (4) sheets, floor plan 1954, location of references (3) sheets (pre-Mart), Bayer Galleria 1983, Reading Room Renovations 1982 (2) sheets.

Original floor plans of Linderman Library (5 posters in envelope) (L378 El L512p)
Specifications of Material for original Linderman Library
(mss. contract) in envelope (L378 El L512pl)

Drawer 6:

Folder 6.01
Henry S. Jacoby Material; American Bridge Co., Chicago 1925, 1926. (5) plates
Assembly drawing, end lift and bridge lock
Data for trusses
Assembly drawing of turning machinery
Cross sections & data, railway deck
Curves of influence, truss (2) sheets
Stresses in Pratt Truss, and Stresses for Broken Chord Truss, drawn by A.Z. Drozdow (with letter to Jacoby and reply attached, 1901.)
Computations from Sayre Observatory 1877. (3) sheets
Engraving of North River Bridge at New York City 1896.
(3 decks, promenade, and 14 railroad tracks on 2 decks)
Louisiana Highway Commission 1928. (3) sheets of tables of stresses, standard plan, saving span.

(5) Plates for textbook.
1. Traingular Roof truss. 2. Cresent Roof truss. 3. Plate Girder under Locomotive & train loads. 4. Pratt truss under locomotive & train loads. 5. Truss with curved upper chord. Pegrum Truss.
Lehigh University Topographical Survey (7) plates.
Plate of survey lines
Map of compass survey made by class of 1877
Map of Hydrographical survey made by class of 1877
Colored topographical map
Conventional signs for topography, 1888
Conventional tints (colored)
Contour map of University Park by C.W. Haines, Dec. 1872.

Folder 6.2
Poster "Get A Head Start at the Library--Read" with portrait of Lee Iacocca reading, 1985 (4 copies)
Development Poster, L.U. showing alumni giving (pictures of campus buildings 1865-1895; 1895-1922; 1922-1935 (in mylar)
Map of Brodhead Property 1886 (done by Class of 1889)
2 Graphs L.U. Graduates and L.U. Enrollment 1923-1938
Map of L.U. Park 1884, by Class of 1886 (in mylar)
Large Campus Map, 1974, showing buildings
Recruiting Poster 1991, (Scott Heist photo) 31 in. by 12 in. "Leadership and learning"; also same poster folded with writing inside.

Folder 6.3
Richard Hawley Tucker
Profile of Proposed branch railroad connecting NPRR and Saucon Hall, 1878
Hydrographical survey
Half span of Union Street Bridge, Bethlehem
Meteorological observations May 1877 (chart)
Profile of LVRR Bethlehem to Mauch Chunk
Spectroscopic analysis
Max. & Min. Temp., Wet & Dry, Temp. Barometer chart, June 1877
Map of proposed brance RR connection Saucon Hall & N. Penn RR 1878 (by C.E.s 1879)
Half span and details of the highway bridge over the Androscoggin River between Brunswick and Topsham, Maine (see THESIS 1879 T893w)
Drawing of Railroad engine "Lehigh University"
"Stonecutting" 8 plates in booklet
3 countour maps (not completed)
Packer Hall (ground floor) 1876

Folder 6.4 Matted Prints (some may be framed and hanging in Bayer Galleria)

Colored Print "Bethlehem from the West" ca. 1850 (large scene in center, 12 small scenes around it) (2 copies)
Photogravure of Campus 1907, signed by Richard Rummell (with buggys and cars on Packer Ave.)
Colored Print "Bethlehem--Pennsylvania" (T. Birch pinx. Strickland sc) also same print, not colored
Engraving, "View of Bethlehem" "Ansight von Bethlehem" "vue de Bethlehem" (ch. Bodner pinx ad nat., Imp. de Bougeard, Lucas Weber sc)
Colored print "(?) First View of Bethlehem, Penna." Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (with cows and sheep in front)
Colored Print "Bethlehem" (pub. by CG Childs & RH Hobson, Phila. 1830) (by Geo. Lehman
Engraving "A View of Bethlem, The Great Moravian Settlement in the Province of Pennsylvania" "Vue de Bethlem, principal Etablishment des Freres Moraves dans la Province de Pennsylvania" Sketch'd on the spot by his Excellency Governor Pownal, Painted and Engraved by Paul Sandby.
Colored Print "Allentown, Pa., 1881, The Manufacturing Center of the Lehigh Valley, Population 19,000" (large view along the River, with 13 small views of buildings around it)
Engraving of fishing village, signed by Steven Parrish.
Engraving "Mauch Chunk" drawn and aquatinted by Geo. Lehman, Pub. by CG Childs & RH Hobson, Philadelphia.
Colored Lithograph "Church and Young Gentlemen's Academy at Nazareth, Pa." Lith. of T. Sinclair, Phila.
Engraving "The Old Sun Tavern, Bethlehem, Pa. (rebuilt)" Andrew Dee.

Drawer 7:
Folder 7.1 Detailed blueprints for additions to Linderman (details) 1930 (approx. 75 sheets)

Drawer 8:
Folder 8.1 Richard Harding Davis posters for books (14)
Folder 8.2 Sayre Park maps, 1908 (2)
Folder 8.3 Activity Posters (Things to do on campus) Fall 1992 (6 pieces)
Folder 8.4 Blueprints for Fritz Lab, 1909 (12 sheets) AND addition, 1953 (17 sheets)

Drawer 2.8
1. Lehigh University, Electrical Engineering Diploma
Issued to William Steell Jackson, on June 17, 1896.

Drawer 9
Copies of elevations (original) for Packer Church.

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