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Lester R. Bittel Papers (con't)

36 Hour Management Course

The following 5 boxes contain material on a book to be released in January 1989, including the typescript, correspondence, planning, and editing. The manuscript is in colored folders as sent. This book is set up to be self-teaching, with thought questions at the end of each chapter, a discussion of the answers, and an examination at the end of the book, which can be sent to the publisher to be graded, and a certificate awarded if one passes.

Box 21: "36 Hour Management Course" (typescript)

Box 22: 36-Hour Management Course (cont'd.)

Box 23: 36-Hour Management Course (cont'd.)

Box 24: 36-Hour Management Course (cont'd.)

Box 25: 36-Hour Management Course (cont'd.)

Box 26: What Every Supervisor Should Know

Material covers 4 editions.

Box 27: Development & Promotion

Box 28: Publications

Box 29: Promotion and Marketing

Box 30: Correspondence and Proposals

Box 31: More Proposals and Programs

Box 32: Computer Games & Training Films

Book Reviews:

The following 4 boxes containe evaluative reviews (almost 1000) done by LRB mostly for McGraw-Hill. Their purpose was to help an editor decide whether to accept or reject a book proposal or manuscript.

Box 33: Reviews of Published Books

Box 34: Reviews (some multiple copies)

Box 35: Evaluative Reviews (cont'd.)

Box 36: Evaluative Reviews (cont'd.)


The following 4 boxes contain Royalty Statements, Programs, Notes, and Correspondence for Speaking Engagements, a Bittel genealogy, and some Lehigh University memorabilia, including a transcript.

Box 37: Royalty Statements

Box 38: Speeches

Box 39: Speeches, including Notes and Programs
  • Box 40: Personal

    Material in these three boxes is from a book published in the fall of 1990 (hardback, paperback, and cassette). The first draft was written with the title "Time in Hand." It was then rewritten, and shortened and retitled "Right on Time." (Material was received in December 1990.)

    Box 41: Time in Hand

    Box 42: Right on Time

    Box 43: Right on Time

    Box 44: Fragments (autobiography)

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