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Lehigh History Resources at Special Collections (PDF, 350KB)

This is a survey of resources in Special Collections available for researching university history. It provides descriptions of publications and archival material containing information about Lehigh.

Lehigh Register 1866 (PDF, 3MB)

First issued in 1866, this University Register describes the purpose, curriculum, staffing, and rules of the new institution. In addition to the names of the trustees, administration, faculty and students, the register provides insight into Asa Packer's motivation in founding Lehigh.

William Bacon Stevens (PDF, 1.75MB)

The Lehigh University, Its Origin and Aims: An Historical Discourse. 1869
If anyone in addition to Asa Packer is to be credited with founding Lehigh, it is Reverend Stevens. In this pamphlet Stevens recounts his early discussions with Packer concerning the establishment of Lehigh University.

Edward H. Williams

The Twennty-Year Book of Lehigh University. 1886
Edward H. Williams graduated from Lehigh 1886 with a degree in Mining Engineering and later he became a professor of Geology. Prof. Williams personally financed the new geology building in 1907 and the University named the building in his honor as the Williams Hall.

Edmund M. Hyde (PDF, 4.5MB)

The Lehigh University, a Historical Sketch. 1896
Edmund Morris Hyde was professor of the Latin Language and Literature from 1888 to 1899. Hyde's book is the story of the establishment and development through 1896. His accounts are accompanied by photographs of students, faculty and campus buildings.

Catherine Drinker Bowen (PDF, 10.5MB)

A History of Lehigh University. 1924
Bowen was the daughter of Lehigh's fifth president Henry S. Drinker. She authored Miracle in Philadelphia a history of the U.S. Constitution. In this history, Bowen describes the founding of the university and its growth into a new academic and administrative structure during her father's presidency.

William A. Cornelius (PDF, 10MB)

The Lehigh Story. 1946
Cornelius provides a history of the University and a chronology of important events including the opening of new buildings. Cornelius was the editor of the Lehigh Alumni Bulletin and the executive secretary of the Alumni Association.

Alan S. Foust (PDF, 2.2 MB)

The Bicentennial: LehighUniversity's Contribution to Engineering Education (1976)
This is a short history of the Lehigh University’s contribution to engineering through its innovative faculty and alumni. Alan S. Foust was professor of Chemical Engineering and also co-authored a highly recognized textbook titled “Principles of Unit Operations” which brought worldwide recognition to Lehigh’s Chemical Engineering Department.

By Their Works (PDF, 7.2 MB)

This publication contains brief accounts of leadership and achievements of Lehigh alumni in industry and business. It also lists the structures they built and companies they managed, such as The Grand Central Terminal, locks of the Panama Canal, George Washington Bridge, General Motor, Bethlehem Steel, Westinghouse, etc. The authors state that “Best measure of a university is collective service of its alumni. Lehigh University is proud to be judged by the achievements of its graduates.”

W. Ross Yates

Lehigh University: A History of Education in Engineering, Business, and the Human Condition (1992)
The most recent and the most comprehensive history of the Lehigh University is written by one of Lehigh's long time faculty and administrator W. Ross Yates who received his Ph.D. from Yale and taught at Kenyon College and the University of Vermont before he came to Lehigh. At Lehigh, he served on the faculty and in the position of Dean of College of Arts and Sciences.

History of Business Education at Lehigh

Carl Allen. College of Business Administration: A Brief Outline History. (ca. 1957)

Carl Allen. History of the College of Business Administration. (ca. 1966)

History of College of Education

Robert L. Leight. Building a Foundation for the Future: The Study of Education at Lehigh University. College of Education (1990)

Library Exhbitions

On the Origin of Species... (1959)

Class of 1896

Senior Class Book of the Class of 1896. (1896)

Three Year Book of the Class of 1896. (1899)

Ten Year Book of the Class of 1896. (1906)