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Papers of Carl F. Strauch (con't)

Series II: Files

Material from Strauch's files, mostly clippings and notes, and some manuscripts, left in the same order as received in the library. There is some duplication of material - he created files, put them away, and made new ones on the same subject. Total of 13 boxes, numbers 16-25 and 37-39. (The cataloger got a little confused too).

Box 16: A - M

Box 17: O - W

Box 18: B - S

Box 19: Correspondence re publications

Box 20: More Files and Emerson Scholarship

Box 21: Emerson Scholarship

Box 22: Files A to E

Box 23: Files F to P

Box 24: Files P to W

Box 25: Miscellaneous Clippings (mostly 1970s)

Series III: Ralph Waldo Emerson (17 boxes)

Boxes 26-30 contain files of CFS of Emerson's poems from material found in the Houghton Library and the Emerson Library. This material has been kept in the original file folders because of detailed coding on the folders. Boxes 31-36 contain correspondence and manuscripts of Strauch's work on Emerson. Boxes 40-45 contain files noting the locations of original Emerson manuscripts and other research, and also multiple copies of chapters of a proposed book on Emerson.

Box 26: Numbers 1-114

Box 27: Numbers 115-135

Box 28: Numbers 136-197

Box 29: Poem texts by date

Box 30: Emerson Library and other files related to it

Box 31: Emerson

Box 32: Emerson

Box 33: Emerson

All material in this box came from loose leaf notebooks.

Box 34: Emerson manuscripts by CFS

Box 35: The Collected Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson Board

Box 36: American Literary Anthology

Box 37-39: Another set of files (Series II continued)

The following three boxes are another set of files, catalogued out of order.

Box 37: Files

Box 38: Files

Box 39: Files

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