Welcome, Students!

Use the tutorials and tips on this website to work faster, better, and smarter. Learn about research strategies and library resources that will give you the edge and help you produce results. Whether you are a beginning student or a more seasoned researcher, there is something here for you.

Finding Information

Materials here can help you construct effective searches, introduce you to some great interdisciplinary article databases, understand how to interpret the references you find and then locate the full texts of articles and books, either at Lehigh or from other libraries.

Web Searching

Searching for and evaluating Web resources can be a tricky business! Here you will find tutorials to help you develop successful search strategies and understand concepts such as accuracy, authority, objectivity and bias so that you can become confident in your ability to select valuable and useful resources for your research and academic papers.

Proper Usage

A recent Brown and White article covered plagiarism and its academic and psychological effects. When students decide to cheat, there are devastating consequences--receiving an F in a course and even expulsion or the devaluing of your education, where you can only show what you can misappropriate and not what you have actually learned.

You need to steer clear of any form of plagiarism to be an ethical and information literate student, one confident in his/her ability to research a topic from different sources and to effectively synthesize that information with a clear understanding of when to quote, when to cite and how to paraphrase. Please read the guides provided here for help on being that kind of student, able to complete a research assignment with confidence and with the knowledge that your course assignment is your own work.