Locating Full-text Articles Using Lehigh Links/SFX

When you conduct research you will often use online databases to locate articles on your topic. Some databases contain the electronic full text of the articles they index, but at times the full text of the article is only available through another entirely separate source, perhaps at the publisher’s website or in another full text database. Or possibly, the article is only available in print and you’d need to know if the Lehigh Library owns a print subscription. Another possibility is that you may need to request a copy through interlibrary loan.

Searching out all these possibilities used to require a lot of time and digging through sources.

Well, a new technology called SFX has come to your aid! SFX will instantly take you from the results in your database search to the full text of your article in an entirely different database or resource. It can also tell you if Lehigh has a print copy of the article should electronic not be available. Instantly, at the click of your mouse!

When you retrieve references to articles during your database searches you may see one or more of the following icons:

You can see an SFX icon in the Search Result illustrated below:

Search result

Clicking on any of these SFX icons will initiate an SFX search and retrieve the SFX menu which looks like this:

SFX Menu

As you see above, the SFX menu will first list any online full text access to the article you are looking for. Clicking on the blue database name will take you to the article.

Be advised, a pop-up blocker utility may prevent the SFX window from appearing so you will need to set it to accept the SFX menu or disable the blocker temporarily. Check your browser's preferences or options for more details.

Questions? Contact the Lehigh University LTS Helpdesk at 610-758-HELP or helpdesk@lehigh.edu

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