Welcome, Faculty!

The Information Literacy Working Group hopes that you will find resources here that will prove useful in your efforts to develop the research skills of your students.

Tools for Faculty

What tools are available to help YOU help your students improve their Information Literacy Skills? Our guides will help you let students access full text articles, provide links to a variety of student IL tutorials and use the MyLibrary web page as a pathway to curricular research.  Information is provided about help to support upper level courses as well as about our Choices & Decisions tutorial for first year students enrolled in ARTS 001.

Academic Integrity Information

Fostering academic integrity is a fundamental responsibility of all members of the Lehigh University community. In this section of our website, you will find guides to preventing and detecting plagiarism, as well as resources developed to inform the campus community about academic integrity issues.

Research Skills Assessment

What skills do our incoming students possess for functioning in an academic information environment? LTS has been conducting an assessment of our incoming FY students and using the results to focus our efforts at increasing their information fluency. Read about this process and take a look at the results of the assessment.

Information Literacy at Lehigh

Detailed information about the history and rationale for the information literacy initiative at Lehigh is contained in the section of the site. Information literacy competencies--and their importance in the Middle States Accreditation process--are also presented.