Information Literacy Initiative Framework

In anticipation of the Lehigh 2008 Middle States evaluation, a variety of programs to develop information literacy skills are under consideration. We propose programs implemented over the next five years resulting in a university wide instructional program that is integrated into the curriculum and addresses the distinctive needs of each college.

Develop a core information literacy competencies document. This should contain an agreed upon definition and final set of competencies appropriate to the Lehigh University environment.

Create basic Information Literacy Skills web based tutorials. Some might be designed as part of a required first year student experience to be completed during the summer before enrollment. A tutorial could be coordinated with the First Year Student shared reading experience. The tutorials should also be designed as a stand alone modules that could be used in other settings or at any time by incoming students or faculty.

Evaluate the curriculum of each department to determine those courses that are appropriate venues for teaching more complex information competency skills. Engage faculty who teach research intensive courses.

Design and deliver discipline specific programs. This could be done in conjunction with Writing Across the Curriculum as it develops over the next few years, as part of writing intensive courses, or in courses identified in the curriculum evaluation mentioned above.

Encourage and work with faculty to integrate higher level competencies into key graduate courses and as components of preparation for qualifying exams.

Develop a Teaching Assistant training session to be offered during the annual Graduate Student orientation sessions to familiarize Teaching Assistants with Information Literacy and to encourage the incorporation of Information Literacy concepts into courses taught by TA staff.

Enhance faculty awareness of Information Literacy and continually update their knowledge of changes to the information environment. Work with the Writing Across the Curriculum Director and develop workshops for faculty. In addition, the librarians will work with the Faculty Development Director to create other faculty Information Literacy opportunities.