Checking Footnotes

To determine if the cited item exists, use the major database in that discipline.
  1. Use our Database Finder for a comprehensive list of our research databases.
  2. See the drag down menu in the upper left to identify resources in your subject area.
  3. For example, here is a search of PsycINFO to see if the following citation exists.
  4. Type in at least the author, a keyword in the title and the year of publication as shown on the student's footnote.

Atkins, JR. Methods for determining the anxiety level of PTSD patients after group therapy. Journal of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Studies 2000, 39, 46-64.

In this case, "no records matched your search".


WorldCat, the largest bibliographic database in the world, can help identify books and other sources to check.