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Preparing to succeed in an information rich and technically complex world requires continual development of one’s skills and understanding of the information environment. LTS' Navigating Information@Lehigh University website is designed to serve both students and faculty.

Students can enter their space to find tutorials and to gain fluency in research concepts and skills. The faculty space offers an analysis of the incoming Student Research Skills Assessment, provides research-intensive model assignments by Lehigh faculty, discusses how to teach students to avoid plagiarism, and examines information literacy in higher education.

Information Literacy Resources

For Faculty
Research Success for Your Students

For Students
Tutorials for Research Success



Information Literacy Working Group Members

Roseann Bowerman
Social Sciences Librarian and Team Leader
College of Arts and Sciences Client Services Team


Tina Hertel
Helpdesk Librarian
Student and General Client Services Team

Melissa Grafe, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Council on Library and Information Resources


Jean Johnson
Education Librarian and Team Leader
College of Education Client Services Team

Judd Hark
Instructional Technology Consultant
College of Arts and Sciences Client Services Team


Kathe Morrow
Humanities Librarian
College of Arts and Sciences Client Services Team

Gregory Skutches, Ph.D.
Writing Across the Curriculum Program

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The image above is one of the window medallions in the Reading Room of Lehigh's Linderman Library. It is one of 24 such medallions representing the academic disciplines taught at the University in 1929--the year in which a large addition to the original 1877 building was opened. Representing Naval Engineering, this photograph was taken by Steven Lichak of Lehigh's Digital Media Studio.

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