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10 Things Every First Year Student Should Know

Getting Access to Full-Text Journal Articles

Linderman Rotunda SkyliteNot all the journal databases carry the full-text version of all articles...some just provide an abstract. However, if Lehigh has a subscription to that journal, you can easily get to the full-text by using Lehigh Links. Lehigh Links basically takes you from a citation right to the full-text of a journal article, even if that article is in another database. And, if we don't carry it electronically, but do carry it in print, the SFX/Lehigh Links Citation will allow you to look it up in ASA, our online catalog. Additionally, if we do not have it either electronically or in print, the Lehigh Links will also help you auto-fill an interlibrary loan request form!

Like using Google? If you use GoogleScholar from on campus, you will see Lehigh Links available for the GoogleScholar citations. If you're off-campus, you can set up your GoogleScholar preferences to include the Lehigh Libraries.

So be sure to look for 'lehigh links' to get to the full-text of your articles!