Lehigh University Libraries

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Library Collections

Linderman Rotunda SkyliteThe Lehigh University library collection comprises over one million volumes. Your Lehigh ID card serves as your library card to check out materials. Our periodical collection (journals, newspapers, magazines) is now mostly in electronic format and can be accessed online.

In 2007 the historic Linderman Library reopened after an extensive renovation that created a laboratory and showcase for humanities programs and collections, as well as an intellectual center for the campus at large. It houses books and journals in the humanities and Lehigh's impressive collection of rare books including Darwin's Origin of Species and James John Audubon's four-volume elephant folio edition of Birds of America. In addition Special Collections holds some 30 separate archival collections that focus on industrial and regional history.

The Fairchild-Martindale Library contains books, journals, newspapers, audio-visual resources, and microform collections in all branches of science, engineering, mathematics, and the social sciences, including business and education. As a government depository, the Fairchild-Martindale Library holds more than 220,000 printed federal and Pennsylvania documents, as well as additional government publications on microform. Ten digital library projects highlight various aspects of the collection, especially Special Collections materials, ranging from "Digital Bridges" (books on 19th century bridge construction) to "The Problem of the Planets" (Copernicus' 1543 posthumous publication, "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium" [On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres]).