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For years, Allies at Lehigh University were few and far between. Not anymore. “Proud to be an Ally” is an effort to increase Ally awareness on campus, and to show Lehigh’s Ally students, faculty, and staff just how many of them there are.


“Proud to be an Ally” is a university-wide project centered around the Ally community at Lehigh. What is an Ally? An Ally is someone who advocates for and supports members of a community other than their own (e.g., a heterosexual-identified person supporting LGBTQ rights and individuals). Allies are people who will not allow intolerance or bigotry in their midst, but will instead strive for a society that is safe for everyone and respectful of all.

Over the month of October, the Rainbow Room will be taking pictures of proud Allies, and accepting submissions from individuals who have photographed themselves. Each will hold a sign detailing why they are an Ally. Some may say “I am an ally because gay rights are human rights,” or simply “Because my younger brother is gay.” Others may say “My best friend is a lesbian,” “For my uncle,” or “I want my kids to live in a world without hate.” We encourage you to take your photos out on the Lehigh Campus, to drive home the point that Allies are everywhere.

During Ally Week in October we will prominently display this project at the Ally table on the second floor of the UC, DIBS, facebook, twitter. The gallery is also available on the LGBTQIA Services website at the link on the bottom of this page. Not only will the Ally community at Lehigh become more aware of their prominence but Lehigh’s LGBTQI population will gain a greater familiarity with the vast network of supporters on campus.

For more information on where LGBTQIA Services and the Rainbow Room will be holding photo sessions or to submit photos please email - Make sure to include your name, major and year (for Students or Alumni), or Department for (Faculty/Staff) for all submissions.
Photos to be displayed for ALLY Week should be submitted by October 18th but submissions after that date will be gladly accepted and included on the website as new Allies are always welcome.

Below is a sign template to download and print. Please use it to write on and take your "Proud to be an ALLY" photo. Please also be sure to download and sign the photo release and drop it off to our office so that we can use your submission.

Proud to be an ALLY Sign Template

Photo Waiver


We welcome submissions from individuals, groups, teams, clubs, departments, etc.

We look forward to seeing the many faces of the Allies of Lehigh University.

Proud to be an ALLY Photo Gallery

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