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Data Management Roles

Data Owner
Lehigh University is the owner of all university data. No single person or department within the institution "owns" university data; however, departments within the University have policy level and operational level responsibility for subsets of university data.

The Data Stewards and Data Managers for the Banner system areas are:

Functional Area

Data Stewards

Data Managers

Advancement Tom Chaves
Sean Shappell
Cindy Friend
Elias Makhoul
Financial Aid Jennifer Mertz Jennifer O'Brien
Nick Shimmel
Finance - Accounts Payable Kathy Miller Leslie Snow
Finance - Asset Accounting Kathy Miller Tracey Burton
Finance - Budget Steve Guttman Mike Weaver
Finance - General Kathy Miller Leslie Snow
Finance - General/HR Kathy Miller Kathy Miller
Finance - Grants Bob Siegfried Bruce Brownell
Finance - Proposals Tom Meischeid Tom Meischeid
Finance - Purchasing Mark Ironside Jane Altemose
Graduate - Admissions 
Jennifer O'Brien Jennifer O'Brien
Human Resources/Payroll Kathy Miller Joe Boligitz
Toni Lee Febbo
Institutional Research J. Gary Lutz Yenny Anderson
Student Emil Gnasso Sarah Beiter
Linda Bell
Allen Taylor
Student - Billing 
Mike King Diana Weaver
Student - Faculty 
Emil Gnasso Jennifer O'Brien
Undergraduate - Admissions 
Bruce D. Bunnick Jennifer O'Brien

Data Stewards
Data stewards are designated senior University officials who have planning and policy-level responsibilities for data in their functional areas. Data stewards or their designees are responsible for recommending policies, and establishing procedures and guidelines concerning the accuracy, privacy, and integrity of the data subsets for which they are responsible. The responsibilities of the Data Stewards are as follows:

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Data Managers
Data Managers are University officials and their staff who have operational-level responsibility (collection, maintenance and dissemination) for data in their functional areas. The responsibilities of data managers are as follows:

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