ISE Department Selected Publications

Below you will find a selected list of publications from the ISE Faculty.


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Selected Papers

Frank E. Curtis

F. E. Curtis, J. Nocedal, and A. WÄachter: "A Matrix-free Algorithm for Equality Constrained Optimization Problems with Rank-De¯cient Jacobians," to appear in SIAM Journal on Optimization.

R. H. Byrd, F. E. Curtis, and J. Nocedal: "Infeasibility Detection and SQP Methods for Nonlinear Opti- mization," to appear in SIAM Journal on Optimization.

R. H. Byrd, F. E. Curtis, and J. Nocedal: "An Inexact Newton Method for Nonconvex Equality Constrained Optimization," to appear in Mathematical Programming Series A.

F. E. Curtis and J. Nocedal: "Flexible Penalty Functions for Nonlinear Constrained Optimization," IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, Volume 28, Issue 4, pg. 749-769, 2008.

R. H. Byrd, F. E. Curtis, and J. Nocedal: "An Inexact SQP Method for Equality Constrained Optimization," SIAM Journal on Optimization, Volume 19, Issue 1, pg. 351-369, 2008.

F. E. Curtis and J. Nocedal: "Steplength Selection in Interior-Point Methods for Quadratic Programming," Applied Mathematics Letters, Volume 20, Issue 5, pg. 516-523, 2007.

F. E. Curtis and R. Kincaid: "Determinant Optimization on Binary Matrices," American Journal of Math- ematical and Management Sciences, Volume 26, Issue 1-2, pg. 33-70, 2006.

F. E. Curtis, J. Drew, C.-K. Li, and D. Pragel: "Central Groupids, Central Digraphs, and Zero-One Matrices A Satisfying A2 = J," Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, Volume 105, Issue 1, pg. 35-50, 2004.

F. E. Curtis, O. Schenk, and A. WÄachter: "An Interior-Point Algorithm for Large-scale Nonlinear Optimization with Inexact Step Computations," submitted to SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing.

Nick Odrey

Odrey, N.G. and Drzymalski, J.: Supplier Selection in a Multi-Echelon Supply Chain with Lead Time Uncertainty Using Chance Constrained Programming, 2009.

Odrey, N.G., Drzymalski, J. and Wilson, G.R.: Aggregating Performance Measures of a Multi-Echelon Supply Chain Using the Analytical Network and Analytical Hierarchy Process, The International Journal of Services, Economics and Management, 2009.

Odrey, N.G. and Drzymalski, J.: Supervisory Control for Supply Chain, The International Journal of Services, The International Journal of Production Research, 2009.

Odrey,N.G., “Automation”, Encyclopedia Americana, 1996, compact disc edition, 1995.

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Lawrence Snyder

Snyder, L. V.: Facility location under uncertainty: A review. IIE Transactions 38(7), 537-554, 2006.

Snyder, L. V.: and M. S. Daskin: Stochastic p-robust location problems. IIE Transactions 38(11), 971-985, 2006.

Snyder, L. V. and Z.-J. M. Shen: Supply chain management under the threat of disruptions. The Bridge (National Academy of Engineering), 36(4), 39-45, Winter 2006.

Snyder, L. V. and M. S. Daskin: Reliability models for facility location: The expected failure cost case. Transportation Science 39(3), 400-416, 2005.

Rong, Ying, L. V. Snyder, and Y. Sun: Inventory sharing under decentralized preventive transshipments. Submitted for publication. Revised October 2008.

Snyder, L. V.: A tight approximation for a continuous-review inventory model with supplier disruptions. Submitted for publication. (Lehigh University Dept. of ISE Technical Report #05T-005.) Revised September 2008.

Rong, Ying, L. V. Snyder, and Z.-J. M. Shen: Bullwhip and reverse bullwhip effects under the rationing game. Submitted for publication,  August 2008.

Schmitt, Amanda J., L. V. Snyder, and Z.-J. M. Shen: Centralization versus decentralization: Risk pooling, risk diversification, and supply uncertainty in a one-warehouse multiple-retailer system. Submitted for publication, May 2008.

Robert Storer

R.H. Storer, S.D. Wu and R. Vaccari: New Search Spaces for Sequencing Problems with Application to Job Shop Scheduling, Management Science, 38(10), pp. 1495-1509, 1992.

R.H. Storer, S.D. Wu and R. Vaccari:  Local Search in Problem and Heuristic Space for Job Shop Scheduling, ORSA Journal on Computing, 7(4), pp. 453-467, 1995.

W. Ku, R.H. Storer, and C. Georgakis: Disturbance Detection and Isolation by Dynamic Principal Component Analysis,  Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 30, pp. 179-196, 1995.

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R.J.W. James and R.H. Storer:  Techniques for Solving the Subset Sum Problem, International Transactions in Operational Research, 12(4), pp 437-453, 2005.

K.S. Naphade, S.D. Wu, R.H. Storer, and B.J. Doshi:  Melt Scheduling to Trade Off Material Waste and Shipping Performance, Operations Research, 49(5) pp.629-645, 2001.

A. Ernst, M. Krishnamoorthy and R.H. Storer: Heuristic and Exact Algorithms for Scheduling Aircraft Landings, Networks, 34(3), pp. 229-241, 1999.

Wu, S.D., Byeon, E.S., and R.H. Storer: A Graph-theoretic Decomposition of the Job-Shop Scheduling Problem to Achieve Scheduling Robustness,  Operations Research, 47(1), pp. 113-124, 1999.

R.H. Storer, S.W. Flanders and S.D. Wu:  Problem Space Local Search for Number Partitioning, The Annals of Operations Research, 63, pp. 465-487, 1996.

A. Turkcan, M.S. Akturk and R.H. Storer: Predictive/reactive scheduling with controllable processing times, IIE Transactions, To Appear 2009.

Robert H. Storer, J.P.M. Goncalves, and Jacek Gondzio: A family of linear programming algorithms based on an algorithm by von Neumann, Optimization Methods and Software, 24(3), pp. 461-478, June 2009.

Robert H. Storer and Clara M. Novoa: An approximate dynamic programming approach for the vehicle routing problem, European Journal of Operations Research 196 (2), pp. 509-515, 2009.

R.H. Storer, C. Novoa, R. Berger, and J. Linderoth: A Set-Partitioning-Based Model for the Stochastic Vehicle Routing Problem, Transportation Science, In Review

Tamás Terlaky

M.A. Goberna, T. Terlaky and M.I. Todorov: Sensitivity Analysis in Linear Semi--Infinite Programming Via Partitions. To appear in: Mathematics of Operations Research, 2009.

A. Deza, E. Nematollahi, and T. Terlaky: How Good are Interior Point Methods? Klee-Minty Cubes Tighten Iteration-Complexity Bounds. Mathematical Programming, 113, 1—14, 2008.

T. Craig, M. Sharpe, T. Terlaky, and Y. Zinchenko: Controlling the dose distribution with gEUD-type constraints within the convex IMRTP framework. Physics in Medicine and Biology, Vol. 53, 3231—3250, 2008.

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E.D. Andersen, C. Roos and T. Terlaky: On Implementing a Primal--Dual Interior--Point Method for Conic Quadratic Optimization. Mathematical Programming Ser.B. 95(2). 249-277, 2003.

T. Koltai and T. Terlaky: The Difference between the Managerial and Mathematical Interpretation of Sensitivity Analysis Results in Linear Programming. International Journal on Production Economics 65(3). 257-274, 2000.

A.J. Quist, R. van Geemert, J.E. Hoogenboom, T. Illés, E. de Klerk, C. Roos and T. Terlaky: Application of Nonlinear Optimization to Reactor Core Fuel Reloading. Annals of Nuclear Energy 26. 423—448, 1997.

K. Fukuda and T. Terlaky: Linear Complementarity and Oriented Matroids. Japanese Journal of Operations Research. 35. 45—61, 1992. (Selected as ``The best OR paper of the year 1992'' by The Operations Research Society of Japan.)

T. Terlaky: A Convergent Criss--Cross Method, Mathemathische Operationsforschung und Statistics ser. Optimization. 16. 5. 683—690, 1985.

Aurélie Thiele

B. Kawas and A. Thiele: A Log-Robust Optimization Approach to Portfolio Management, December 2007, revised August 2008.

S. David Wu

S. D. Wu, M. Erkoc, and S. Karabuk: Managing Capacity in the High-Tech Industry: A Review of Literature, 2005.

S. D. Wu, B. Aytac, R. Berger, and C. Armbruster: Managing Short-Lifecycle Technology Products for Agere Systems, 2005.

S. D. Wu and S. Ozkan: Repeated Procurement Auctions with U-Shpaed Cost Functions, Competitive Equilibrium Analysis, 2005.

S. D. Wu and S. Oshkai: Supplier Coalition Formation in Buyer-Oriented Market, 2005.

S. D. Wu: Supply Chain Intermediation: A Bargaining Theoretic Framework, 2004.

S. D. Wu and M. Erkoc: Managing High-Tech Capacity Expansion Via Reservation Contracts, 2004.