The IPD Program has no facilities of it own, but instead tries to convey to all participants one of it most important tenets ' "all constraints are self imposed" and the world is your laboratory. Project funding provided by the sponsoring companies allows teams to purchase access to on-campus facilities as well as facilities around the world as needed. As a project progresses over two semesters, teams must decide to build or buy, outsource or support internally, all aspects of the design to manufacturing to commercialization process. An important learning objective is how to develop professional relationships with suppliers, with fabrication shops and with those whose skills are needed to achieve the outcomes of the project. Company sponsors often provide access to their facilities and past teams have used the Internet to seek technical supplies and assistance from around the world.

On-campus facilities can be found in departments, research centers and in collaborative settings like the Wilbur Powerhouse. A summary of on-campus facilities can be found in "Available Labs and Resources at Lehigh University." In addition to standard metal, wood and various fabrication shops, additional unique facilities are highlighted below.

3D Scanner and Rapid


Scanned Image
Flat Bed Laser Cutter