Apollo Tyres - India 2012 I loved my international experience and would recommend the Lee Iacocca International Internship Program to anyone! I felt challenged in my internship and gained valuable professional experience through my work and interactions with my coworkers and supervisors. I tried many new things and made great friends! The experience was amazing and really helped me grow as a person.
Meagan Carter, Marketing, Class of 2014

Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation - Kazakhstan 2012 Beyond the usual trip abroad, this program allowed me to grasp and understand both the culture in and outside the workforce. I was able to stay with a host family to immerse myself in everyday life styles and was able to work in an office where I learned different work etiquette. I was in charge of my own project, gave recommendations of changes that can be done internally at the institute, and I was given a lot of room for creativity. Due to this program, I have gained new perspectives and the ability to adapt myself in new situations. In the end I felt as if I was right at home while I was abroad and it was hard for me to leave.
Joe Rendon, Sociology & Anthropology, Class of 2014

Apollo Tyres - India 2012 Apollo Tyres is a great company to work for. As a Supply Chain Management major, I learned extremely useful information working in the purchasing department over my two month trip. Not only do I have a better grasp of the professional world on a global scale, but I feel more prepared to face the challenges that will arise post graduation and I feel more comfortable in the work atmosphere.
Joe Dinardo, Supply Chain Management, Class of 2013

CFC Consulting - Ukraine 2012 Before leaving for my internship in Ukraine, I was quite excited but also incredibly nervous. I knew very little about Ukraine and the idea of living in a foreign country by myself was daunting. However, from day one, my experience immersing myself in a foreign country and culture was absolutely fantastic! My six weeks in Kyiv exceeded my expectations in every way possible. This program not only served as a tool for me to learn how to adapt and work with people of a foreign background, but it also gave me additional confidence to pursue global experiences in the future. Having such a positive six weeks abroad has made me eager to see and learn about more places across the world. I have been able to see just how huge this world is with there being so many different cities, cultures, and people with differing backgrounds. Yet, at the same time, the world seems so much smaller as I have met a great deal of people who despite their completely different upbringing, share the same values, hopes, and dreams as I do. Overall, I believe this time overseas has further demonstrated the value of learning about other peoples and the importance of keeping a global perspective in both professional and personal matters.
Mary Brune, Marketing, Class of 2014

CROS - Italy 2012 Without the LIIIP, I would have never had the opportunity to study abroad, let alone be a full functioning intern at an internationally known workplace. Being able to independently travel abroad was an eye opening experience I could never replace and the people I met I will never forget.
Ghamar Bitar, Biochemistry, Class of 2013

Office of the Vice Prime Minister and State Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of the Government of Georgia - Georgia 2012 My international internship in Tbilisi, Georgia was an extraordinarily enriching experience. Not only did I gain further insight into the versatility of my major and the countless career opportunities that lie ahead, but I also was able to thrive in a foreign environment and became a more adaptive, learned individual as a result. Learning new outlooks and perspectives on global issues truly broadened my horizons, which led to a degree of open-mindedness that I would not have been able to achieve prior. This internship heightened my passion for global education by reinforcing my belief that some of the most important life lessons are learned outside of the classroom. The relationships that I formed with my coworkers, my host family, and my Georgian friends will last long into the future. This international internship program has enhanced my Lehigh education in ways I never dreamed possible. The lessons are invaluable, the rewards are unmatched, and the overall experience is priceless.
Anne Orenstein, Marketing w/ minor in Environmental Studies, Class of 2014

Bracalente Manufacture Group - China 2012 The Lehigh internship provided me a great working experience back at my home country. The more I experiencing was the working atmosphere since I know the culture and came from this culture. As it is a family business, employees here treat each other with respect, equality, and trust. I love this family culture! The colleagues and I are not just friends; we are more like a family. Another thing that I was happy about is that the company is near my hometown. So I got a chance to go back home on every weekends to spend some time with my parents. The experience was amazing and I was glad that I took part in this program.
Ke Xue, Chemical Engineering, Class of 2013

Apollo Tyres - India 2011 I was never fortunate enough to travel before so I was a bit nervous prior to departing for India.  However, looking back on the experience, accepting this position was one of the best decisions of my life.  I was given the opportunity to live and experience a completely different culture.  I was able to learn so much in the office, but also in all aspects of life while in India. I had immense amounts of fun while traveling throughout the country. I interacted and created friendships with people whom I would have never met had it not been for this opportunity.   I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is given the chance, as it is an opportunity of a lifetime.
Ilan Beitscher, Class of 2013

ZAG International - Italy 2011 My internship was a great experience. I had the opportunity to work in a globally focused project and study different markets in Europe and Africa. This experience helped me get a better understanding of the situation in the countries that I studied, and made me more globally aware. Working for ZAG was great, I learned a lot about the cement industry, everyone was really nice to me, and Italy was beautiful. Besides the professional experience, a great thing about the International Internship program is that you get to know a different country and a different culture, and that is priceless. 
Sofia Pereira Kehyaian, Class of 2012

NovaTech - Belgium 2011 My Lehigh internship was an experience that) helped me very much in becoming more independent as well as developing my ability to foster new relationships with a variety of different personalities that I met throughout my Ambassadorship.  I am thankful I was granted this opportunity as I was able to nurture skills necessary to my career.  
Kevin Forsberg, Class of 2011

worldwide News Ukraine - Ukraine 2011 My Lehigh internship really broadens your horizons to the rest of your world because you are on your own you develop as an individual and learn more than if you were to travel abroad with the safety net of other Americans to fall back to. This experience pushes you to step out of your comfort zone both in a professional setting like in the office and personally like reaching out and making new friends with a completely different background then you.  Everyone that I have met here has such a unique story and I have learned so much from them. Sometimes it was hard but as long as you keep a positive attitude and an open mind you will have a life changing experience. I have so many amazing memories here that I will never forget.  
Meghan Dano, Class of 2013

IKEA - Turkey 2011 My Lehigh internship was the best decision I made all year. Not only did I gain experience and hands-on knowledge in the field of industrial engineering, but I gained life experiences that cannot be replicated in any other type of program. Going to a foreign country knowing neither the predominant language nor any person residing there and surviving as well as making lasting friends was truly amazing. I grew tremendously over the course of six weeks and I now have clearer goals for the future, which definitely include more traveling. 
Michael Arak, Class of 2012

Viva Group - India 2011 My Lehigh internship is perhaps the single most significant experience that I have had in my life thus far. Not only did I learn and thrive in a foreign culture, but I was also able to work in a competitive business environment with business professionals from around the world. During my 7 weeks in India I was afforded the opportunity to work on projects of varying magnitudes, which included everything from Slum Rehabilitation to Community Development and investments in alternative energy. My internship with Viva Group was a life changing experience that taught me more than I ever thought possible.    
Megan Cain, Class of 2012

Bracalente Manufacturing Group - China 2011 My internship provided me with one of the best experiences of my college career and has considerably furthered my overall education.  In two months, the insight I gained into Chinese culture and into the businesses in China will be invaluable after graduation and I begin my career. 
Jonathan Kuntschik, Class of 2012

Apollo Tyres - India 2011 My Lehigh internship with was an amazing experience where I learned a lot in and out of the office. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work for a reputable and successful company while being able to travel around India on the weekends, visiting incredible places that are all extremely different from any other country I’ve been to.  It truly is a fabulous experience and I feel so lucky to have taken part in it. 
Allison Lehr, Class of 2012

Pestana Hotels and Resorts - Portugal 2011 My Lehigh Internship with was one of the best decisions I made in my life! Not only was I given a great opportunity to explore and learn about a new industry, I was exposed to a beautiful culture and I now have a family in Portugal. Living and working abroad all by yourself will challenge you in ways you’ll never imagine. You walk away a different, better person.
Stephanie Lin, Class of 2012