We were so pleased with the project results and Hilary’s performance that we have offered her an ongoing opportunity to continue developing the initial project and to work with ZAG as she continues her education. We are also more than happy to continue our collaboration with Lehigh University and look forward to participating in more such internship opportunities. "

Charles M. Zeynel, President, ZAG International, USA (Italy Office), 2010

As we plan to expand in the American and European Markets, it was a nice experience for VIVA to have an Intern from USA. Megan demonstrated good working skill and adapted well in the company and country environment. It was fun hosting Megan. It will be good hosting other interns from Lehigh in the future.

Mehul Depak Thakur, Principal, Viva Group (India Office), 2011

We would like to express our gratitude to Lehigh University for this unique opportunity and experience of working with a foreign intern. Meghan Dano demonstrated the diversity of opinions that may be affiliated with the foreign audience that has been effectively taken into account by our organization. Her verbal communication skills proved to be invaluable while she was trying to contact the foreign journalists and media representatives to be included into our database so that we could increase our news outreach. We are glad with the work Meghan did for us and would be happy to accommodate other foreign interns in the future in order to meet the objective of providing our foreign audience with the product of the highest quality. "

Vilyen Pidgornyy, Partner, CFC Consulting (Ukraine Office), 2011

Experience with Lehigh University has been good and the International Internship program has been a focused program from our view. The perspective brought by these young interns has been like looking at the problem from outside in. We have had a great experience with the Lehigh Interns who spent eight weeks with us. The whole experience with Lehigh Internship Program has been a professional one right from the stat till the end of the internship

Dheeraj Sinha, Apollo Tyres Ltd (India Office), 2011
It was a nice experience to share ideas and work with our intern. Actually, he was quiet friendly and responsible which let us to build a strong friendship and learn about each other’s cultures. On the other hand, he could place questions that we have never thought about and so he let us to think ‘out of box’ too. To let creative in organizations this type of collaborative studies should take place which contributes a lot to both parties..

Gorkem Copuroglu, IKEA Turkie, 2010