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An internship can pave the way for a permanent position in large companies.
South China Morning Post
Education Abroad: Moving Out of the Classroom and Into the Real World
More and more US students are seeking out short-term jobs, internships, and volunteer work overseas, and with good reason.
Institute of International Education
International internships are vital
An international internship is a win-win because not only do students flourish from actively working in a different country, American businesses can capitalize on what those students have learned.
How to get your dream job
International Internships: Relevant to a Company’s Success?
europe online magazine
The Global Marketplace and Internships Abroad (PDF) of the challenges for students in making that item on the résumé truly meaningful is being able to articulate exactly how education abroad has really prepared them to function effectively in a global business environment.
International Educator
Career Toolkit for Graduates (PDF)
The PANIC FREE Approach to Career Success
Global Experiences
Why Employers Value International Internships
What this multicultural work experience means for employers and students
Oxford Royale Academy
a1 The World Is Their Workplace
It’s the kind of job a business major might dream about: marketing executive for a Fortune 500 medical supplies company.
New York Times
a1 Know Before You Go for various locations.
Global Basecamps Web Site
a1 As opportunities to study and work around the world increase, the global education industry has witnessed the development of an opportunity unique to its field: the international internship.
ICEF Monitor
a1 Whether to bolster a résumé determine a career path, or both, more college students are becoming aware of the benefits of interning abroad.
International Educator
a2 In order to better understand the opportunities and challenges U.S. campuses face in implementing international internship programs, particularly in “non-traditional” destinations in Asia, the Institute conducted a “flash survey” in November 2011.
Institute of International Education
a3 Recent studies have identified a pressing need for a U.S. workforce that is more globally aware, more competent in foreign languages and intercultural skills, and more familiar with international business norms and behaviors.
Institute of International Education
a4 Why We Travel: “There is wisdom in turning as often as possible from the familiar to the unfamiliar; it keeps the mind nimble; it kills prejudice, and it fosters humor.”
Pico Iyer
a5 Welcome to the hallowed halls of academia. Now start planning for life in the real world.
The Wall Street Journal