Relaxation Processes in Glasses and Polymers

A New MITT Glass Course for Spring 2010 Semester



Prof. Reinhardt Conradt, RWTH Aachen, Germany
Prof. Chris Cox, Clemson University

Dr. Ulrich Fotheringham, Adj. Prof., Schott AG, Germany
Prof. Dr. Prabhat Gupta, Ohio State University

Prof. Roger Loucks, Alfred University

Prof. Steve Martin, Iowa State University


Time for live lecture:

Tuesday and Thursday

3 pm EST-USA (9 pm Mainz time)


Start Date: January 19th (Course orientation and Adobe Connect logon issues)

First full lecture - Jan 21


Course is offered through the Internet via Adobe Connect (hosted by Clemson University). Schools and individuals can participate live and ask questions, or view the lectures at a later time via links to the recorded lectures.


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Textbook: Relaxation in Glass and Composites by George Scherer. (Reprint edition 1992, Krieger publishing company, Malabar, Florida.)


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