1st International Workshop on Scientific Challenges of New Functionality in Glass

Sunday, April 15, 2007 - Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Key Bridge Marriott Washington, DC

Trends for Glass in Electrical Components and Systems

Mike Lanagan, Penn State University, USA

Lanagan video (27 minute) Lanagan slides (3.5 M pdf)


Transparent Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors and Their TTFT Applications

Hideo Hosono, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Hosono video (29 minute) Hosono slides (4.9 M pdf)


Solid-State Lithium Batteries Using Glass Electrolytes

Speaker: Mashiro Tatsumisago, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan

Tatsumisago video (31 minute) Tatsumisago Slides (1.0 M pdf)


NSF's Perspective on Industry-Academia Interactions

Speaker: Arden L. Bement, Jr., Director, National Science Foundation, USA

Bement video (62 minute)


Glasses for Microphotonics

Speaker: Ray DeCorby, University of Alberta, Canada

DeCorby video (29 minute video) De Corby slides (2.4 M pdf)


Glass and Glass-Ceramics for Wireless Communication

Speaker: Jau-Ho Jean, National Tsinghua University, Taiwan

Jean video (32 minute video) Jean slides (11M pdf)


Functional Glass Coatings

Speaker: George Sakoske, Ferro Corporation, USA

Sakoske video (30 minute video) Sakoske slides (13 M pdf)


Workshop Banquet & Special Lecture (Potomac Salons A & B)

Aer() Sculptures by Ioannis MICHALOU(di)S, Greece

Ionnis video (40 minute)


Modification of Glass by FS Laser for Optical/Memory Applications

Speaker: Kiyotaka Miura, Kyoto University, Japan

Miura video (29 minute) Miura Slides (2.9 M pdf)


Fabrication of Micro/Nano Structures in Glass by Lasers

Speaker: Denise Krol, University of California-Davis, USA

Krol video (33 minute video) No slides available


Chalcogenide Glass Memory: Applications and Issues

Speaker: Sean Jong Lee, Intel, USA

Sean Lee video (36 minute) Sean Lee slides (0.3 M pdf)


Industry Leaders' Panel

Mehran Arbab, Director, Glass R & D, PPG Industries Inc.

Herve Arribart, Scientific Director, Saint-Gobain, France

Klaus Bange, Executive Scientist, Schott, Germany

Setsuro Ito, Senior Fellow, Asahi Glass, Japan

David Morse, VP/Director Corporate Research Science & Technology, Corning, USA

Shigeru Yamamoto, Director and Senior Vice President, Nippon Electric Glass, Japan

Panel discussion video (62 minute real media video)