Bear Creek Lectures:

International Workshop on Interfaces in Functional Materials

October 10-14, 2006 at The Inn at Bear Creek, Macungie, PA USA


Atomistic simulations of interfaces and surfaces in glass

S.F. Garofalini (Rutgers University)

Garofalini Video (24 minutes)                                                No slides available


Mixed Oxides in Selective Oxidation Catalysis: The Role of Disordered Surface Layers

Chris Kiely, Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, Lehigh University

Kiely video (24 minutes)                                Kiely slides  (pdf)  (7.8M)


Practical aspects and implications of interfaces in glass-ceramics (Keynote lecture)

Mark Davis (Schott Glass) 

Davis Video (36 minutes)                                           Davis Slides (pdf)  (4.0M)



Silicate Melts & Glasses: Chemical Diffusion, Nucleation & Crystallization, Interrelated

Reid F. Cooper, Department of Geological Sciences, Brown University

Cooper Video (24 minutes)                                        Cooper Slides (pdf) (4.8M)


Thermochemical Effects at Multicomponent Glass Surfaces

Carlo Pantano (Pennsylvania State University)           

Pantano Video (26 minutes)                                       Pantano Slides (pdf)  (3.0M)