Setup and Customizing Email Using Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a separate, PC based mail client. Thunderbird is the primary supported mail client at Lehigh. It is the default mail client on Lehigh's public site computers and is used in many faculty and staff offices as well as on student PCs. Use the links below to find setup and configuration instructions as well as documentation on customization and use for the version of Thunderbird you are using. 


Customizing and Using Thunderbird 3.1

Lehigh Customized Installer for Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1 Windows ( 10.2MB .exe)

Lehigh Customized Installer for Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1 Mac ( 10.2MB .exe)

Installing and Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1

NOTE: Mozilla is constantly evolving and updating. After installing and testing this Lehigh Customized version, you should go to the Mozilla Thunderbird web site ( and download and install the latest updates for this software.

Last updated: Friday, 29-Jun-2012 11:03:05 EDT