Computer User Space and Quotas

All users with Lehigh computing accounts potentially have access to five different areas where they may store files, each with its own quota (shown below). Users can check their current disk usage for the first four areas by pointing to and following the Disk Quotas link. When viewing your account quota information, keep in mind that 1MB equals approximately 1,000 Kb.

Storage Area

Description of Area

User Quota

Special considerations

Mail Server,  /dev/mail

Mail spool space

20 MB soft (all users)
25 MB hard (all users)

The soft limit can be exceeded up to the hard limit for a grace period of 7 days.  Usage must be brought below the soft limit before the grace period ends or users may not be able to receive incoming e-mail or save files.

Mail Server, 
/home directory

Storage area for all IMAP e-mail folders.

1 GB soft / 1 GB hard (students)
2 GB soft / 2 GB hard (staff/fac)
40 MB soft / 50 MB hard (department)

Same as above.

AFS (Web space and LEAF HPC)

Storage area for web pages created by user as well as work space for Lehigh Application Farm (LEAF) High Performance Computing.

100 MB (faculty/graduate students)
50 MB (undergraduates)
20 MB (group and dept. accounts)


LAN (H: and I: drive)

Home server file space

1 GB (students, faculty/staff, H: drive)
500 MB or more (departmental, I: drive)

Attempting to save files that are bigger than the available space, or open files when there is not enough space for them, off the H: drive, can cause loss of data.

FrontPage server (fp2)

Used for web pages requiring FrontPage functionality

100 MB (all users)

User quota: if a user shares a group web his quota is 100 MB total for his personal files and files in the group web.

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