Using Pop-up Blockers at Lehigh


Internet Explorer now offers a pop-up blocking feature (enabled when service pack 2 is installed). In addition to Internet Explorer's pop-up blocker, there are a number of third-party pop-up blockers. The Google. Toolbar and the Yahoo Toolbar are examples. Some third-party firewall software (Norton, McAfee, ZoneAlarm) also have pop-up blockers. It is possible to have several pop-up blockers enabled, which can interfere with troubleshooting efforts.


Pop-up blockers at Lehigh University

While pop-up blockers can be useful in reducing unwanted ads, they also suppress pop-ups that perform needed functions. Some typical problems caused by pop-up blockers include:

-- Inability to compose or reply to Web-based email (IMP, portal mail)

-- Inability to open a channel in the portal

-- Inability to open the portal calendar

-- In library databases, the SFX links do not work.

-- When using any Web-based service, the usual commands or links seem to be “broken” – when clicking on a link, nothing seems to happen.



1. Know what pop-up blockers are on your computer. When you download a toolbar or use a firewall check the documentation to see if pop-up blockers are included.

2. Know how your pop-up blocker works. Be able to recognize the signs when your pop-up blocker is suppressing a window.

2. If you want pop-up blocking enabled, use only one product. Lehigh offers full support for Microsoft Internet Explorer, and LTS staff will be able to provide the most knowledgable support for Internet Explorer.


How to Use Internet Explorer's Pop-up Blocker

When Internet Explorer suppresses a pop-up, the following message is displayed:

This message alerts the user to a yellow “information bar” that appears below the toolbars. This bar indicates that a pop-up window is being blocked. To un


If you click on this yellow bar, you'll be given some choices:

Temporarily allow pop-ups – this option will allow you to display this pop-up window

Always allow pop-ups from this site – this option will tell your browser to always allow pop-ups from this site

Settings – this will allow you to view and change your pop-up blocker settings

Help with the information bar – this provides general help with the information bar

You can also view pop-up blocker settings by going to Internet Options and selecting the Privacy tab. Some settings to consider for optimal use of Lehigh systems:

Fore more information about IE pop-up blocker, see these Microsoft Help pages…

How to configure the Pop-up Blocker in Internet Explorer;en-us;843016

How to Block Pop-up Windows in Internet Explorer



Last updated: Tuesday, 30-Dec-2008 15:13:52 EST