Diagnosing Printer Problems

To diagnose a printer problem check these things and then contact the help

1. Is the printer turned on and is the ONLINE button lighted? Is it
physically plugged into an outlet or surge protecter (and is the surge
protector on)?
2. Are there error messages on the display?
3. Is the printer physically attached to the network? There should be a 
phone cable or 10-based T cable (larger version of a phone cord) attached
from the printer to a wall jack.
4. Are other print jobs printing?
5. Try turning the printer off, wait a few seconds, then turn it on. Does
this help?

1. What, if any, error message are you getting? If you got a message that
the PC cannot find the network, try rebooting and submitting the print job
2. From the Start menu, go to Settings/Printers and click on the
printer icon. Under the Printer menu, see if "work offline" is checked. If
so, uncheck by selecting that option (the option toggles on and off).
3. Can you print from other applications?
4. Is your application a DOS application?

If you still cannot print, contact the Help Desk.

Contact the Help Desk at 758-4357 if you additional questions.
Help Desk FAQ document #0050, August 1998