Lehigh LTS Stance Regarding Windows Vista

Lehigh Library and Technology Services (LTS) is currently testing Vista with many critical University systems such as the portal, E-mail, Banner as well as wired and wireless networking.

At the present time, there are known software packages and systems that do not work with Vista including the Install Software, legacy Pocket PC operating systems as well as intermittant connectivity problems with wireless networking.

Therefore, LTS does not currently recommend the purchase of Vista for use on university-owned PCs.

When applications work satisfactorily, LTS will change the recommended operating system from Windows XP to Vista. Until then, please order new computers with Windows XP unless there is a compelling reason not to do so (see link for PC Purchasing).

If you have questions, please contact the help desk at 8-HELP or your departmental computing consultant.


Windows Vista Software

LTS will begin distributing Windows Vista Ultimate upgrade media to Freshmen at the LTS Information Fair on Aug 23-24. For upper classmen, copies will be available at the EWFM Library Circulation Desk on the first day of classes of the Fall 2007 semester (Aug 27) and throughout the semester. There is no charge since this is included in the Lehigh Technology Fee.

Windows Vista Ultimate upgrade media for faculty and staff personal (work-at-home) PC's will be available for purchase from the Lehigh Bookstore for $15 beginning on Aug 23.

NOTE: Be aware that before you attempt to install Vista on your personal PC, you should be certain your PC, peripherals, and existing software are compatible and powerful enough to run this operating system.

Windows Vista Ultimate should NOT be installed on Lehigh-owned faculty and staff machines. Consult your LTS Computing Consultant about Vista Enterprise in the Lehigh faculty and staff working environment.

For more information about what versions of Windows Vista Lehigh University will be providing, see the link for Vista Versions.

Microsoft Office 2007 Software

Related, but separate from the Windows Vista transition, upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007 was completed at all Public Site computers on campus over the summer.

Student media will be available for Freshman during the LTS Information Fair (Aug 23-24), and for upper classmen, copies will be available at the EWFM Library Circulation Desk on the first day of classes of the Fall 2007 semester (Aug 27) and throughout the semester. There is no charge since this is included in the Lehigh Technology Fee.

Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Sharepoint Designer and Microsoft Project media for faculty and staff personal (work-at-home) PC's will be available for purchase from the Lehigh Bookstore for $10 each beginning on Aug 23.


PC Purchase Information

Purchasing a PC during the transition to Windows Vista may be a bit confusing. LTS recommends departments continue to purchase PCs with XP Home, which will be re-imaged with XP Professional by your computing consultant.

Not all models available can be purchased with XP Home. Our vendors have indicated that Windows XP should be available on the models listed below through January 2008:

NOTE: If you purchase outside of this list and receive a computer with Windows Vista, you may find that it can not be rolled back to Windows XP Pro due to the fact that manufacturers may not have compatible hardware and software.

A more comprehensive Departmental Computer Purchases FAQ is available.

At a future date yet to be determined, LTS will begin an orderly transition from Windows XP Pro to Windows Vista for faculty and staff. Check with your department Computer Consultant if you have further questions.


Known Issues with Vista at Lehigh

At the present time, significant issues have already been identified in the Lehigh environment:

  1. Prism scripts do not work. (This means you will not be able to install Lehigh licensed software from the Install Software web pages.)

  2. Wireless networking has connectivity problems.

  3. LDAP on older E-mail clients may not work properly. Users are encouraged to upgrade to Mozilla Thunderbird 2.x.

  4. Symantec AntiVirus must be version 10.1.2 or higher to be compatible with Windows Vista. If you have an older version, you should uninstall the old version, then install the current version (10.1.6), which is available from the Lehigh Security web page. DO NOT attempt to upgrade with version 10.1 or earlier installed on your system.


Lehigh Windows Vista Task Force

The Vista Task Force is a team composed of representatives from many groups within Library and Technology Services: Computing Consultants, Networking, Software Licensing, Residential Services, and the Help Desk.

The purpose of the team is to research, plan, communicate, and implement a smooth and successful transition from Windows XP to Windows Vista for the entire campus community.

Questions about the role of the Vista Task Force or concerns you would like addressed about the deployment of Vista should be directed to Gale Fritsche (


An Overview of Windows Vista

Windows Vista is Microsoft's latest operating system, following on the heels of Windows XP. Generally speaking, the following features are new or improved upon in Windows Vista:

A more comprehensive list of Windows Vista Features is found on the Microsoft web site.

Before using Vista, you need to make sure your system meets the recommended system requirements and that you are aware of the known compatibility issues.


Which version of Windows Vista will Lehigh provide?

STUDENTS: Windows Vista Ultimate Edition will be licensed for students who have paid the LTS Technology fee.

FACULTY/STAFF: Windows Vista Enterprise Edition will be licensed to install on all faculty and staff machines owned by the University. A single license of Windows Vista Ultimate will be available for purchase at the bookstore for those Lehigh faculty and staff who are authorized to work at home.

A timeframe for distribution of media and rollout of products has not yet been established. Check this site for updated information as it is made available.

What version of Windows Vista should I get for my home PC ?

Since Windows Vista Ultimate will be available at significantly reduced prices through the Bookstore for faculty and staff personally owned computers, we recommend that version.

You should be careful to note which version of Windows Vista is included when purchasing computers from retail and online stores, because it will be available commercially in 5 different bundles. Be sure the version you purchase meets your computing requirements.


Vista System Requirements

While Microsoft has listed it's Windows Vista recommended system requirements, Lehigh has set it's own standards for choosing hardware which will be both compatible with Windows Vista as well as with all basic computing needs for faculty, staff, and students.

If you are choosing a customized computer for very specific or advanced needs, please consult the Help Desk or your department Computing Consultant.

Lehigh Recommended Hardware Requirements

Desktop PC Laptop PC
3.2 GHz CPU 2 GHz CPU
160GB hard drive 80GB hard drive
combo drive
combo drive
17" LCD display 15" display
128MB video card 128MB video card
Sound capability Sound capability
Ethernet Ethernet
  Wireless network (802.11g)
3 yr. Warranty 3 yr. Warranty


Windows Vista Resources

For more information about the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, you may wish to visit the following Microsoft web sites:

An independent Wiki for software bugs and testing results for Vista is available at Windows Vista RTM Software Compatibility List.

LU Wireless network

Click HERE for detailed instructions on how to manually configure Windows Vista for access to the Lehigh University secure wireless network.

If you have additional questions, contact the Lehigh Help Desk at 610-758-4357.



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