ERAC Subcommittee - Scope and Mission

Awards –

Tradition of Excellence
The Tradition of Excellence Award Committee is a representative committee of staff members, along with a Human Resources administrator who oversees the Tradition of Excellence program. To qualify for the Tradition of Excellence Award, an individual or team should demonstrate outstanding behaviors or produce exceptional results, either within a single department or across the University in a variety of categories. The Tradition of Excellence committee receives, reviews and approves nominations for the award. Award letters are prepared and presentations are made to individuals or groups by committee members.

Awards –
ERAC Distinguished Service Award
The Distinguished Service Award committee is responsible for all levels of the ERAC Distinguished Service Award which is awarded annually at the Faculty-Staff Appreciation Dinner. The five to seven appointed committee members advertise the open nominations process to the Lehigh community through STAFF News. Once nominations are received they are reviewed and voted on by the committee members. The committee is then responsible for notifying the awardee, ordering the physical award and lastly securing the cash award through HR.

Benefits Allocation Review
Serve as the ERAC representative throughout the Benefits Allocation Review process. Work with representatives from Human Resources on all employee related benefit initiatives administered through the Human Resources department. Update the ERAC board at regularly scheduled meetings on current university-wide initiatives related to employee benefits.

Bookstore Advisory Committee
This committee meets one time each semester. This committee serves in an advisory capacity, providing recommendations regarding service and operational issues that affect students, faculty and staff. This committee is a sounding board for the campus community by constructing suggestions. The purpose of this committee is to strengthen the partnership between the bookstore and the campus community and to create an open forum for idea and issues. It is highly recommended for the ERAC member to be in academia to serve on this committee.

ERAC operates and acts according to its bylaws. The bylaws committee provides for the orderly and lawful operations of ERAC in a manner that facilitates accomplishing its mission. Duties may include:
• Reviewing present bylaws
• Soliciting suggestions from members for changes, additions, and deletions
• Offering written proposals on changes for ERAC's review.

The ERAC Events Committee shall be responsible for planning and conducting various events throughout the year to promote and engage ERAC's involvement within the Lehigh community. Such events can include but are not limited to the following:
• informative brown bag lunch sessions,
• staff appreciation events
• miscellaneous activities/programs
Such events can be planned and promoted solely by ERAC or can be held in conjunction with other Lehigh clubs, committees, organizations or in partnership with the local community.

Membership Elections Committee
This committee prepares timeline of events for new membership. Committee meets to review positions to be filled by upcoming election. Revise nomination survey for current year, email current members to determine willingness to continue next year. Post on daily announcements the dates for nominating new members. Send nomination list to HR for confirmation of eligibility. Prepare for election by contacting nominees for agreement to be on ballot, ask each nominee for brief bio to be posted on ERAC website. Set up Survey Monkey for voting for current nominees. Post on daily announcements dates for voting for new members. Notify members elected and announce new members at staff appreciation dinner. Send new member names to ERAC website Manager for posting on ERAC website.

Parking Advisory and Appeals
The Parking Appeals Committee meets on a weekly basis and reviews appeals from Lehigh parking tickets. The committee includes students, faculty and staff, including representatives from Transportation & Parking Services.

Public Relations (Monthly Spotlight)
Create informational news articles for the HR Monthly Spotlight publication to update the campus community on ERAC progress and accomplishments. Also, write progress reports (mid-year and end of year) for the President, Provost and Vice President for Finance and Administration.

"Resources to Engage, Accomplish, Connect & Help" (REACH) is an interdepartmental and university-wide program aimed to fostering professional relationships and networks among faculty and staff. By connecting Lehigh employees with each other and providing opportunities to learn about the university, REACH seeks to advance multiple goals of Lehigh's strategic plan, including investing in faculty and staff, as well as the university's core values and the aims of the Council on Equity and Community. ERAC's REACH committee helps facilitate this effort. While each REACH cohort selects its own members and drives the agenda for its meetings, pairs of REACH Committee members take responsibility for organizing the cohorts them, arranging for meeting locations and speakers and communicating with cohort members.

Transportation and Parking Services Advisory Group
Advise Parking and Transportation Services as they transition through the new stages of the campus master plan and assist in overall best practices of their services. The committee has representation from the following areas, Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Faculty and Staff. The group meets quarterly.

Wellness Committee
The Wellness Committee works along with HR to promote work and life balance. The committee’s charge is to guide the university in providing a cohesive employee Wellness Program resulting in increased participation and support for healthy and active lifestyles for Lehigh employees. They review current offerings, gather and share the preferences of faculty and staff, and propose new programs
(within our current budgetary limits).

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