High-priority groups with long-term objectives. Expected to meet at least 6 times per year
Communications Committee Events Committee REACH Campus Liaision Committee
Tom Yencho Glenn Strause Carla Kologie Travis Spencer
Glenn Strause Bob Bruneio Janice Stoudt Yatin Karpe
Bob Bruneio Travis Spencer Katie Welsh Radande Janice Stoudt
Brenda Bachman Cindy Moser Jeanne Kassis Catherine Headman
Carla Kologie
Cindy Moser Dan Zeroka
Yatin Karpe

Lynn Takacs

Working Groups

Assigned projects that are time-sensitive and meet on a less frequent basis
Cindy Moser Lynn Takacs Brenda Bachman
Dan Zeroka Yatin Karpe Carla Kologie
Catherine Headman Tom Yencho Jeanne Kassis

Janice Stoudt Katie Welsh Radande

Campus Representation

Individual members who represent ERAC on
institutional committees
Committee Name
ERAC Member
Faculty/Staff Catherine Headman Cindy Moser
Transportation/Parking Katie Welsh Radande Jeanne Kassis
CEC Tom Yencho Judy Zavalydriga
Wellness Catherine Headman Janice Stoudt
150th Planning Committee Jeanne Kassis

Tradition of Excellence Glenn Strause Carla Kologie

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