ERAC September 12, 2012 Minutes
Executive Summary of Minutes

Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability was discussed.  An update will follow in the coming months.

Adopt A Family

Through Finance and Administration, departments/groups can adopt a family for the holidays.  Lehigh University, David Joseph and Roseann Corsi, work with the school to determine families that need help.  Lehigh University is provided with a list per family for what is needed.  The department/group on campus receiving that family attempts to get most everything on their list.  Some people donate money; some opt to purchase specific items on the list.  For those donating money, someone must then go and purchase the items.  Early in December, the families and Lehigh department/groups meet for a light dinner and to give their gifts.  The family opens one gift at the event and takes the rest home.  

ERAC would like to offer this to the campus in order to help more people.  Perhaps people outside of Finance and Administration are aware Lehigh participants in this wonderful cause.  We would like to further that awareness.

The announcement will be made in October in the Spotlight and ask for participants.  Brenda Bachman has already been in contact with David Joseph that we will need families – we are hoping to help at least 5 families.

Committee Updates

  • Awards – Nothing to report at this time
  • BART – nothing to report at this time
  • Bookstore – nothing to report at this time
  • Bylaws – nothing to report at this time
  • Website/Portal – nothing to report at this time
  • Events – have list for this year and next.
    • October – Short Term Disability
    • November – LTS tech changes – iphones, ipads, course site
    • December – holiday party/adopt a family
  • Member elections – nothing to report at this time
  • Parking Appeals – nothing to report at this time
  • Public Relations – any article suggestions, give to Seth
  • REACH – 2 cohorts – 9 in one and 14 in the other one – registration has been reopened through September 21st.  Allison will be Tuesday session and Jess Manno will be doing Wednesday session.  Anne Marie emailed the wait list from last year to try to drive up the numbers.  HR emailed the wait list for LTI to try to drive up the numbers.  Perhaps a brown bag in late spring to drive to up the numbers for fall.
  • Strategic Initiatives – Nothing to report at this time
  • Transportation and Parking Advisory – nothing to report at this time
  • Wellness Advisory – nothing to report at this time
  • Faculty/Staff Relations – Robert Fuller cancelled

All members were introduced.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:34AM.  Janice Stoudt made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Glenn Strause seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda K. Bachman

NEXT ERAC MEETING will be October 10th in UC 306

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