ERAC October 10, 2012 Minutes
Executive Summary of Minutes

ERAC Goals for the year

Attending members of the October meeting were split into three groups to discuss what goals they would like to see for the 12-13 year for ERAC. Below is a brief breakdown of what each group would like to see.

Group One- Suggests reviewing the ways that we communicate information to staff. Perhaps use Facebook, print mailings (e.g. post cards) and for the elections, send direct emails to staff in addition to posting on Daily Announcements. Would like to revisit the award process at Lehigh and see if there are ways to make sure all or most departments are nominating deserving employees. A simplified nomination process might help to encourage this process. Continuing the focus on enhanced staff/faculty relations would be important (follow up to July 2011 Susan Christy visit)

Group Two- Would like to update our communication process. Maybe a Facebook page for ERAC, You Tube videos of functions that ERAC is hosting. This group also felt that the award process could use some improvement.

Group Three- Would like to redefine ERAC’s charge to bring it up to what we are actually doing now.

Review of Flex Benefits for 2013

Toni Lee provided an update on the flex benefits for 2013. Due to the Health Care Reform Act and Lehigh being grandfathered until 2014 no big changes are in store for 2013. Cost increases must remain minimal to maintain the grandfathered status. Employees will be facing up to a five to fifteen dollar increase in their contributions. Five dollar increase for single coverage, fifteen being for family coverage. Surcharge for spouses who have coverage but continue to remain on Lehigh’s plan will remain at one hundred dollars. A change in the healthcare flexible spending contribution will become effective in 2013. Currently employees can contribute up to $4,000 for healthcare FSA’s however this will be decreasing to $2,500.00 due to government mandates. There are no changes to dependent care FSA’s. No changes for dental or dependent life. The age-based premium rates for employee paid supplemental life insurance will be reduced beginning January 1, 2013.

Capital Blue Cross will be actively questioning employees to make sure that the correct plans are being used for all services, including pharmacies. If a spouse has coverage for prescription drugs through their employer’s plan, they need to use their coverage - not Lehigh’s. This is currently the policy but will now be more enforced by CBC and Medco/Express Scripts.

Open enrollment will start 11/14/12 and end 11/30/12.

Ainsely asked about the significant changes in 2014 as a result of the Health Care Reform Act and Toni Lee responded that most of what Lehigh has been doing over the years is in compliance with the new legislation. Some big changes will be that Lehigh must cover dependents up to the age of 26 (if they elect) regardless if they have coverage at their employers and copayments for many types of wellness care will be eliminated.

Committee Updates

  • Adopt A Family - was addressed and we are not sure if ERAC as a whole would like to adopt a family. We will work with departments that would like to contribute and a suggestion to place donation box at brown bag information sessions was brought up.
  • Awards – nothing to report
  • BART – nothing to report
  • Bookstore – nothing to report
  • Bylaws – nothing to report
  • Website/Portal – nothing to report
  • Events – 10/24 STD Brown Bag is coming up. Technology BB is still up in the air until Bob Siegfried commits.
  • Member elections – nothing to report
  • Parking Appeals – nothing to report
  • Public Relations – nothing to report
  • REACH – nothing to report
  • Strategic Initiatives – nothing to report
  • Transportation and Parking Advisory – nothing to report
  • Wellness Advisory – nothing to report
  • Faculty/Staff Relations – nothing to report

Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am. Yatin Karpe made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Ainsley Lamberton seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda K. Bachman

NEXT ERAC MEETING will be November 14 in 516 Brodhead Conference Room

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