ERAC May 8, 2013 Minutes
Executive Summary of Minutes

Summer Schedule

Human Resources wanted ERAC to be aware that ERAC meetings may be needed in July and August. Typically ERAC does not meeting in July and August. This summer, ERAC may be called into service due to the revisions to the health care plan that are required under the ACA. We just wanted you to be aware. Nothing has been scheduled at this point. Brenda Bachman will put tentative holds on dates for July and August. If the meetings are not needed, they will be canceled.

Review Committees/Document Committee Processes

Seth Goren passed out the committee list from the website. Recently brought to the ERAC board’s attention is that current processes and procedures do not exist for each committee. With that in mind, we are asking one person from each committee to submit a very brief write up about how the committee accomplishes the description residing on the website for that committee. Procedures need to be written explaining that. As the initial step to the process, the committee list was reviewed and point people were identified. Write-ups are requested to be completed and submitted by the end of June.

Also, please review the committee list and make sure you are signed up for at least two committees. The 150th committee will have two to three representatives from ERAC.

Year in Review

We just wanted to take a little time to review this past year. What went well and what didn’t go so well.

Good Job…

  • The Brown Bags that were held were very well attended and provided good content.
  • We did a good job of sifting out our bylaws and evening out memberships.
  • REACH had good momentum and is good to be continued. Article regarding REACH should be put in spotlight


  • Brown Bags lunches should be scheduled over the summer while there’s a little breathing room.
  • Committees should be reviewed to make sure they still make sense. Should ERAC be involved in something else? Committees were reviewed during this meeting.
  • ERAC needs to enhance communications. Tom Yencho and his committee have been putting together a plan for having liaisons with specific university areas to address this concern.
  • Perhaps the people that were nominated but did not win the election, would be interested in participating on committees. Seth has reached out to these people regarding committee membership. To date, only one response has been received.
  • ERAC should reach out to community for feedback and ongoing suggestions. Possibly post on Work/Life Lehigh, something ERAC was involved in that resulted in a positive change.
  • Build relationships between ERAC and senior leadership.

Committee Updates

  1. Awards – nothing to update
  2. Bookstore – nothing to update
  3. Bylaws – all set for next year
  4. Communications – Liaison list was distributed. Over the summer, we need to identify what we want to accomplish.
  5. Website/Portal – nothing to report
  6. Events/Brown Bags – Delicia Nahman regarding environmental and sustainability will be scheduled for later in May. A date is still being discussed with Admissions/Krista Evans. Student success is another Brown Bag Lunch that needs to be scheduled.
  7. Membership Election – nothing to report
  8. Parking Appeals – nothing to report
  9. Public Relations – nothing to report
  10. REACH – June 13th will be the REACH luncheon. Certificates are ready to go. Vickie is coordinating and sending out the invitations. Janice is coordinating the catering.
  11. Strategic Initiatives – nothing to report
  12. Transportation and Parking Advisory – Discussing the possibility of taking some of the meters out of the parking garage. Windish Hall lot is now totally Lehigh’s for parking.
  13. Wellness Advisory – nothing to report
  14. Faculty/Staff Relations – Jackie will be sending out proposal to obtain faculty/staff pairs. Communication will be sent to all faculty and staff. The goal is to obtain at least 20 pairs. We are looking to have Susan Christy to come back in fall or spring.

Tom Yencho presented two different ideas…In an attempt to highlight staff, perhaps spotlight different staff (new staff member each month) on posters to advertise campus wide.

Campus planning – a website was created. Tom will be sending link to site. It is asked that the link be forward to departments and colleagues.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am. Tom Yencho made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Ainsley Lamberton seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda K. Bachman

NEXT ERAC MEETING will be June 12 in the Dialogue Center


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