ERAC March13, 2013 Minutes
Executive Summary of Minutes

Lehigh Facebook Page for Faculty and Staff

Communications and Human Resources are creating a Facebook page for Faculty and Staff called Work/Life Lehigh. This page will not be a specifically Human Resources focused page. Instead, they envision a Facebook community page that will cover the broader work life here at Lehigh. Anything that impacts our lives here as far as development, work place learning, etc. will be included. But also included would be helping the staff and faculty understand the strategic plan and institutional initiatives like sustainability. Helping people access the discounts and different services and amenities; helping people understand those things that they have access to as well; highlighting employee engagement – things people do on campus that connect them to students – whether that’s with MOOV or activities out in the community like Day of Caring and then contributing to the inclusive and equitable campus environment goal that we all share. Facebook provides a venue where we can bring all these elements together. Spotlight tends to focus more on the Human Resources side of things. Another distinctive feature of Facebook is the shareability so people will be able to share from other Lehigh Facebook pages. Hilary Kwiatek, communication specialist for Communication and Public Affairs and Human Resources, will be the curator for sharing items on Facebook.

The new page is expected to be rolled out between April 1st and April 15th.


Elections are behind schedule. Nominations should have already been started. The Google Drive survey will be created and posted by the end of this week or beginning of next week. The announcement is ready to be posted.

Nominations will go through March 29th; voting will be April 15th-April 24th. There will be a special ERAC meeting to discuss those people that have been elected and forward two recommendations to Peggy Plympton for her approval. This is to accommodate the newly established bylaws where it states we will add six new members. The new ERAC board members will be announced at the Faculty/Staff Appreciation Dinner on April 30th.

The election committee will be requesting the help of ERAC members to call the nominees asking for their acceptance and to submit a brief explanation of why they feel they want to be on ERAC.

Nominations will be posted on only morning announcements but the elections will be announced via email.

Middle States Accreditation Feedback

Ainsley received one email feedback with the inclusion of staff more frequently through the three or four different sections throughout the report which was felt to be appropriate. If anyone else has any other comments regarding the report, please get them to Ainsley by the end of the day and she will forward them to Jerry. The one email that Ainsley did get was in large representative of what ERAC as a group might say. That is that the document’s language should include staff accomplishments and staff priorities.

Committee Updates:

  1. Awards – The ERAC Distinguished Service Awards have 21 nominations.
  2. Bookstore – looking at renovations. How to best use the space there. Interesting to be in on the discussions early about what possibly to do in a very small space. Barnes and Noble has stated that this café is one of the best for its size in the country.
  3. Bylaws – no update
  4. Website/Portal – no update
  5. Events – no update
  6. Membership Election – see above
  7. Parking Appeals – no update
  8. Public Relations – no update
  9. REACH - Anne Marie would like to do the lunch again this year. Anne Marie will need to nail down a date with the rest of the folks managing REACH, however she was thinking with graduation being 5/20 and the following week is the holiday, maybe the first week of June, once everything settles. Since the cohorts are small she would like to hold it in the tower, the view should be nice that time of year, plus parking is never an issue at Mountaintop.
  10. Strategic Initiatives - Seth and Denise attended the recent CEC meeting. It was thought there would be a round table regarding inclusion and an equitable community. Apparently now the CEC will be taking the lead on gathering broad based input from faculty and staff on the suggested goals and on developing action steps.
  11. Transportation & Parking Advisory – meeting coming up in April. Denise wants to address the parking meter situation with the multiple color meters and what they mean.
  12. Wellness Advisory – the health scan is in April. Information was provided during the meeting regarding a vendor they want to hire by May. The bar recommended health awareness that would promote health without penalizing anyone. You would receive points for participating that would help with the insurance costs. No personal information would be involved.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:02 am. Yatin Karpe made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Catherine Headman seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda K. Bachman

NEXT ERAC MEETING will be April 10 in Mohler 122


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