ERAC January 9, 2013 Minutes
Executive Summary of Minutes

Exempt/Non Exempt Follow-up

We had talked very briefly last meeting about sponsoring or creating space for exploration of exempt/non-exempt distinctions – what those definitions mean – how they play out in the work place – with an eye towards helping people understand what they are.  Appreciating some of the benefits and challenges that each of these classifications of positions face.  People were asked to touch base with people in their area.  What are people’s thoughts?  Did people get any feedback from conversations with others? 

  • Unclear understanding regarding distinctions between the two classifications
  • Could Spotlight be used as an educational tool – maybe a series over a course of months to delve down into time requirements – perhaps couple with a brown bag lunch.  There are some fixed things within each classification that won’t change – we will need to tread that line carefully to manage people expectations. 
  • Perhaps use ERAC as a discussion group to test the waters.  These discussions could be held the second hour of our monthly meetings.
  • Articles in the Spotlight coupled with brown bag lunches could be very productive.
  • Would like opportunities to attend educational conferences that being non-exempt doesn’t always allow due to office coverage, etc.

Do people feel there is enough sufficient interest in this topic that it would be worth having either an ERAC discussion amongst ourselves and/or a brown bag lunch?  There is probably enough confusion around campus regarding this topic that a discussion is warranted.  It was suggested that the brown bag have an agenda with the list of topics to be discussed. 

Seth will be in touch with Glenn Strause regarding setting up a brown bag lunch for this topic.

Pat/Peggy Items for discussion

ERAC is meeting with Pat and Peggy in March.  We wanted to touch base with people to see what items people want to bring up with them.  The idea would be to give them a list ahead of time so that they can provide us with more complete answers.

  • Ensuring staff representation on various university committees
  • Our budget process/position vs other schools – where do we stand?
  • Is there a concern regarding administrative bloat?
  • Thoughts regarding online courses – possibility for LU

Tuition Exchange

Tuition exchange – Jeanne Kassis raised the question as to whether Lehigh will participate in the tuition exchange program.  Jackie explained that this was already addressed as part of the just completed Benefits Allocation Review Team (BART) work.  Jeanne will follow-up with Toni Lee Febbo to learn more about the BART deliberations on this program.

Committee Updates:

a.      Awards – focusing on ERAC Distinguished Service Aware only.  Recommending add a minimum of 5 year requirement before being eligible.  Currently there is no minimum years needed to be eligible.  Perhaps a minimum of 3 year service to be eligible or have two separate awards – 3 to 10 years and then over 10 years.  Recommending that the criteria be better defined.

Communicate nominations are open

Brown Bag Lunch regarding awards annually

b.      Bylaws – normalize number of members coming on and off the committee.  Five people have agreed to extend their term ending in 2014.

c.      Communications – 150th committee would like to have an ERAC member sit on the committee.  Jeanne Kassis is interested in volunteering.

Perhaps ERAC could have a role in campus safety.

ERAC liaisons list was developed so that ERAC members can touch base with each area

 d.      Events – no update

Meeting was adjourned at 11:07 am.  Yatin Karpe made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Janice Stoudt seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda K. Bachman

NEXT ERAC MEETING will be February 13 in Coxe Hall Conference Room 3rd floor


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