ERAC August 8, 2012 Minutes
Executive Summary of Minutes

Vice Chairperson Nominations

The current Vice Chair, Yatin Karpe, has stated his wish to step down from this position due to increased professional and personal commitments.  He wants to give 100% to this position but doesn’t feel he will be able to.  Denise Stangl expressed interest from her nomination during the last election.  Seth Goren opened the floor for additional volunteers or nominations.  No one expressed interest.  Denise Stangl is the new Vice Chair/Treasurer.

Faculty Staff Relations Committee update

Jackie Matthews spoke.  Dr. Susan Christy came to campus in 2011.  Vivien Steele, Deb Rubart, Robin Armbruster, Mary Jo McNulty and Jackie Matthews are on the group facilitating these discussions and organizing the sessions.  Over 100 staff attended the 2011 Christy sessions.  As a result, people said Dr. Christy’s programs were helpful for how staff can work with faculty and thought it would be equally important for faculty to learn how to better strengthen their relationships with staff.  The group went to the provost counsel and discussed ways we could work with the faculty so that they could understand their role.  It was suggested that we work with each college dean.  The colleges have invited the committee to come to one of their department chair meetings and the group met with department chairs in Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Applied Sciences and the College of Business and Economics.  Dean Gary Sasso held meetings in the College of Education.  Vince Munley, deputy provost, is also very involved with this project.   Committee will be going back to the provost counsel in the fall to speak with them about next steps.

Another development is that the theatre department is putting on a production of David Mamet’s play Oleanna which is about relationships, rankism issues, involving students and a faculty member.  They are broadening that conversation.  The Faculty Committee on Student Life is obtaining funding to bring Robert Fuller to campus.  Robert Fuller coined the term rankism.  ERAC has been asked to partner on how to bring Robert Fuller onto campus.  This would be an excellent opportunity for continuing the campus discussion regarding stronger faculty and staff relationships. 

Something will be put in Spotlight giving more details once they are identified.

We are also looking into bringing Susan Christy back to campus again probably in the spring 2013 timeframe.

Committee Sign Ups - Sent sign-up sheet around.  Stressed the importance of having additional people on REACH, Events and Bylaws.

Committee updates

  • Awards – will ramp-up in February or March.  We will use Google Docs instead of SurveyMonkey
  • BART – nothing to report at this time
  • Bookstore – nothing to report at this time
  • Bylaws – will be updating in approximately a month
  • Website/Portal – there is a new “Members Only” section on the website.  The portal will be used for archived material
  • Events – Last year was very successful with Women at Lehigh, Ironpigs, etc.
    • New year possibilities include:
      • Digitizing archives
      • Seminar on ipad
      • New Mail at Campus Square tours
      • Brown Bags
  • Member elections – nothing to report at this time
  • Parking Appeals – parking rate increases – new signage posted and website has been updated
  • Public Relations – nothing to report at this time
  • REACH – 2 cohorts with approximately 25 people each.  Will be updating website to include highlights of last year as well as links to Spotlight articles.  Will be putting link on website for registration.  Will launch program in mid-October
  • Strategic Initiatives – CEC will be meeting in September. 
  • Transportation and Parking Advisory – nothing to report at this time
  • Wellness Advisory – nothing to report at this time

All members were introduced.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:52AM.  Janice Stoudt made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Denise Stangl seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda K. Bachman

NEXT ERAC MEETING will be September 12th in UC 306

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