ERAC April 10, 2013 Minutes
Executive Summary of Minutes

Election Update

There were 18 nominees. To date, 12 have said yes; 4 have said no and there are 2 maybe. Out of the 18 nominees, there are 3 nonexempt and 1 of those has already said no. Ainsley is nominating her assistant, Cindy Moser, who is nonexempt. So we have 3 nonexempt. Seth has slated to send the email announcing voting is open for Monday, April 15. The voting will run from April 15 to April 24. A special ERAC meeting will be held Thursday, April 25th to discuss the election results and provide Peggy Plympton with our recommendations for her to appoint as ERAC members. Denise Stangl will move into the Chair position, Tom Yencho was elected Vice Chair and Brenda Bachman will remain as Secretary.

Vice Chair Elections

There are two candidates – Jeanne Kassis and Tom Yencho. Both Tom and Jeanne spoke as to why they feel they would be good in the position of vice chair. Voting took place. Seth will count the votes after the meeting and provide the committee with the results.


Tom provided an updated ERAC liaison contact sheet. Each ERAC person will take one or two contacts. Over the summer and through the fall, make contact to establish relationships ensuring ERAC is on their radar screen for upcoming happenings. Send Tom an email with which contact you would like to take.

Committee Updates:

  1. Awards – The committee selected the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award. The award check is being cut. There were two candidates that were very close. The second person is being recommended for the Barbara R and John W Woltjen Award. In the case of low nominations, the award policy will be updated to reflect that we will not be going back to previous years for nominations. The feeling is that Lehigh has the wherewithal to reach out to people and ask for nominations without having to go back to previous years.
  2. Bookstore – nothing to report
  3. Bylaws – Several months ago, it was suggested that the bylaw charges were looked at. Ainsley Lamberton who is the current chair of this committee, is suggesting that someone else take over to look at the charges. Ainsley’s ERAC membership is ending in June.
  4. Website/Portal – nothing to report
  5. Events – many things are in the works. Jackie Matthews and Glenn are still trying to connect. Krista Evans and Glenn are trying to nail something down for later this month for Admissions. Delicia Nahman is interested in having a Brown Bag Lunch for Sustainability. Glenn is looking to schedule that for May. The Iron Pigs game is scheduled for June.
  6. Membership Election – see above
  7. Parking Appeals – nothing to report
  8. Public Relations – the Council on Equity and Community (CEC) has met twice. CEC is exploring the direction they want to take.
  9. REACH – REACH is wrapping up. There are 2 more cohorts for this session. The last cohort meeting will be informal with pizza provided so people can socialize and provide feedback. Thank you lunch will be scheduled for June possibly in the tower at Mountaintop. REACH is hoping to get funds for the lunch from Human Resources and Provost – possibly Finance and Administration
  10. Strategic Initiatives – SPIG has been sharing more general goals that they have. They are looking more broadly at culture change. The senior administration is providing the Board of Trustees with information on our research activity.
  11. Transportation and Parking Advisory – Parking permits will be increased for faculty and staff. Some of the meters will be removed from the Campus Square garage. Transportation and Parking has purchased 4 new busses. They are being painted over the summer and will be in use by fall. There is talk about having faculty and staff park at Mountaintop and take the bus down to lower campus.
  12. Faculty-Staff Relations – Susan Christy and the committee are finalizing details regarding next steps. Lehigh is moving forward to get her the groups of people that have good working relationships. An email will go out looking for approximately 20 sets of faculty and staff that that have strong working relations.

Communications and Public Relations has been discussing the upcoming 150th events. They are considering possibly having a staff scavenger hunt with iphones to get more staff interested in the happening on campus. Possibly have a staff appreciation day – celebrating the faculty and staff community - ending with the dinner – not for this year but possibly in the future.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:50 am. Catherine Headman made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Yatin Karpe seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda K. Bachman

NEXT ERAC MEETING will be May 8 in UC 306


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