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Creating new knowledge through groundbreaking research while sharing meaningful insights with tomorrow’s innovators: Lehigh is unique among competitive research universities in insisting upon a true balance between the two.

Lehigh researchers engage in ongoing discovery and innovation that matters — including health and healthcare, energy and its environmental impact, and sustainable infrastructure, as well as crucial associated disciplines such as nanotechnology and high-performance computing.

Lehigh clusters scholarly and research capabilities to provide fertile ground for intellectually-stimulating research and practical insight into the realities of their chosen fields.


Health and Healthcare Health and Healthcare

Engineers working with biologists and physicians will develop new therapies, new devices and new diagnostic tools that improve the quality of life while giving people more control over their medical choices.
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Sustainable Infrastructure Energy and the Environment

The unprecedented surge in global energy consumption and increased awareness of climate change have pushed the subject of energy and the environment to the forefront of public debate.
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Sustainable Infrastructure Sustainable Infrastructure

Lehigh takes a systems-level perspective in addressing the critical need for a safe and sustainable infrastructure of transportation, water, power, networking, and communications systems.
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Nanotechnology Nanotechnology

The ability to locate, observe, manipulate and fabricate at the molecular and atomic levels has implications for cancer treatments, alternative fuels, solid-state lighting, environmental remediation, high-bandwidth communications, and a host of other endeavors.
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Health and Healthcare Research Headline High Performance Computing

Together with theory and experimentation, computational methods now constitute a third pillar of scientific inquiry. Advanced technologies now allow researchers to build and test models of complex phenomena and then manage and analyze almost unimaginably large volumes of data.
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Faculty Profile

Xiaolei Huang

Xiaolei Huang
Associate Professor
Computer Science and Engineering

Xiaolei Huang is currently working to defeat cancer through two different research projects. Huang is a computer scientist who uses imaging analysis to study the functioning of human cells, the brain, the eye and the body as a whole. More recently, she’s turned her attention to cervical cancer—which, despite great advances in cancer treatment, remains one of the most common causes of cancer death among women worldwide. More >

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