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Taking flight with Sikorsky helicopters

Stephanie Gordon ’14 interned this summer with Sikorsky Global Helicopters, and was part of the intern team that took 1st prize in the firm’s annual Research & Engineering Intern/Co-Op Summer Competition. Ten teams from Sikorsky locations all over the U.S. were challenged to develop a “mission package” that added value to an existing helicopter design. Stephanie’s  team developed a system  to rapidly alter the interior of an aircraft to meet the needs of the mission at hand. The concept involved creating a series of pods that could be quickly loaded or removed from the interior. The so-called READI (Rapid-Extract Adaptable-Design Interiors) system allows a pilot to customize the interior of a helicopter in less than 10 minutes.

The Dendrite and Graphite of a Grey Cast Iron Structure

Sikorsky S-92A helicopter