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Lehigh lauded by economic development association

Lehigh efforts to develop skilled leaders were recently lauded at the University Economic Development Association’s (UEDA) annual summit. Lehigh’s Enterprise Systems Center won the award in the category of “Talent Development” for the project “Developing Analytics & Operations Research Practitioners.” In addition, John B. Ochs, professor of mechanical engineering and mechanics and director of Lehigh’s Integrated Product Development (IPD) program, discussed Lehigh’s new master’s program in Technical Entrepreneurship on a “Models for Student Entrepreneurship” panel at the annual summit. “This award is truly a testament to the work our students have been doing with companies on an array of projects,” said William D. Michalerya, associate vice president of government relations and economic development at Lehigh, and president of UEDA. “Students really help these companies, and they can take a fresh look at a problem and offer valuable insight.”

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(From left to right) William D. Michalerya (left), H. Robert Gustafson Jr. ’74 (center, left) pose with Lehigh's award in "Talent Development" alongside Phil Paradice (center, right), Regional Director of the Economic Development Administration and Ed Morrison (right), Chair of the UEDA Awards Committee.