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Steel bridge, lightning fast

Lehigh structural engineering students took part in the Student Steel Bridge Competition that was held at Lafayette College during the annual American Society of Civil Engineers mid-Atlantic conference in late April. The students constructed the bridge in 26 minutes and 51 seconds and spent 25 seconds on repairs, all completed well within the allotted build time of 30 minutes. The bridge held a vertical load of 1100 pounds with a deflection of 0.01” and a lateral load of 50 pounds with a lateral deflection of 0.42”.  Lehigh placed third out of the 10 teams competing, besting “The Rivals” of Lafayette. The Lehigh team was comprised of Dan McLaughlin ‘13, Ralph (Richard) Missimer ‘12, Anthony Wheeler ‘12G, David Crowley ‘12, Hung Do ‘14, Andrew Hansen ‘14, JP (Carlos) Hohl ‘12, Carley Miller ‘12, Mallory Nigro ‘12, and Cristina Ponte ‘12.

The Dendrite and Graphite of a Grey Cast Iron Structure

Wheeler, Missimer and McLaughlin