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Did You Know?

Biotech and Biomedical Leadership

Over the years, many Lehigh engineers have led research and academic programs in biomedicine. A few examples:

Philip Drinker ’17, who helped found Harvard’s School of Public Health, was the inventor of the iron lung. The “Drinker Respirator” was used in every major hospital in the U.S. during the polio epidemic of the 1930s.
In the 1970s, William S. Pierce ’58 and his team at Penn State University’s Hershey Medical Center designed and built the Pierce-Donachy Ventricular Assist Device, which was designated an International Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark by ASME (the American Society of Mechanical Engineers) in 1990.
Michael Yaszemski ’77, ’78 M.S. is chair of spine surgery and director of the Tissue Engineering and Polymeric Biomaterials Laboratory at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. He is also principal investigator in a research consortium that is developing new techniques for treating wounded soldiers.
As associate dean of research at Case Western’s School of Engineering, Clare Rimnac ’80 M.S., ’83 Ph.D. studies orthopedic biomechanics, seeking to improve knee and hip replacements.
Todd Giorgio ’82 is chair of the biomedical engineering department at Vanderbilt University. His research into nanoscale materials quantifies and analyzes complex cellular behavior for applications in the field of biomedicine, including the detection and treatment of disease.
A surgeon, researcher and educator, Theodore Choma ’85 is director of the Missouri Spine Center at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine. His research focuses on procedures aimed at healing spinal injuries faster and more naturally.

Heritage Initiative

The Lehigh Engineering Heritage Initiative is a community supported project that recognizes the accomplishments that reflect Lehigh’s undeniable influence on the field of engineering.