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Systems Briefs

Constantly alert to the growing need for wireless
Driving from Lehigh’s campus to her home in Allentown, Pa., Mooi Choo Chuah, an expert in wireless network security and routing, finds it difficult to leave her work behind.

A greener, more sensitive radar
Radar has helped us forecast the weather and make highways and airports safer, but radar, says Rick Blum, is due for a 21st-century facelift.

Optimizing coal combustion in China
China now leads the world in consumption of coal, says Edward Levy, director of Lehigh’s Energy Research Center (ERC), and is seeking outside expertise to enable its power plants to run more efficiently and cleanly.

Better, faster and cheaper
Tamás Terlaky has earned international renown by proving repeatedly that almost any process can be made better, faster and cheaper.