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Did You Know?

Lehigh in the NAE

Many Lehigh alumni have been elected to the National Academy of Engineering. Here are a few examples:

1961 George J. Tamaro
M.S. in civil engineering
To prevent massive subway flooding in New York City after the September 11 terrorist attack, Tamaro directed the reconstruction of the subterranean perimeter wall of the World trade Center.
1956 Arthur Veinott
B.S. in industrial engineering
A Guggenheim Fellow and a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Veinott is a founding member and 10-year chair of the department of operations research at Stanford University.
1979 Gary S. Calabrese
B.S. in chemistry
Calabrese has developed advanced electronic materials and processes for semiconductor device manufacture. In 2008, he joined Corning Inc. as vice president of science and technology.
1964 Surendra P. Shah
M.S. in civil engineering
Shah, a professor of civil engineering at Northwestern University, has gained renown for pioneering work in connecting the microscopic characteristics of concrete to the material’s structural utility.
1975-79 Alton D. Romig
B.S., M.S., Ph.D. in metallurgy and materials engineering
In three decades with Sandia National Laboratories, Romig has risen to the position of senior vice president and deputy laboratories director for Integrated Technologies and Systems.
1944 William C. Hittinger
B.S. in metallurgy
Hittinger oversaw systems engineering for NASA’s manned spaceflight program at Bellcomm. as executive vice president at RCA, he led development of the first successful demonstration of color videorecording on a disc.

Heritage Initiative

The Lehigh Engineering Heritage Initiative is a community supported project that recognizes the accomplishments that reflect Lehigh’s undeniable influence on the field of engineering.