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Nano Briefs

Millimeter-wave radar for smart vehicles
The radar devices that guide airplanes and ships can also help cars navigate intelligently, says James Hwang, but they must first be made compact.

Nanoscale molding: rewriting the rules
In conventional injection molding, a hot polymer is injected into a much cooler mold. as the molten polymer hits the surface of the mold, a thin layer solidifies almost instantly, and the remaining material flows underneath the new skin into the rest of the mold.

Wide bandgap group takes aim at defects
Researchers in Lehigh’s Center for Optical Technologies (COT) have received three NSF grants and one DARPA award for wide bandgap semiconductor research that could lead to high-quality, energy-efficient lighting systems as well as lightweight bioterrorism-prevention devices.

Infinitesimal, but powerful
Marvin White, director of Lehigh’s Sherman Fairchild Center for Solid State Studies, designs, simulates, fabricates and tests devices tinier than a virus that could find application in digital technologies, the study of cells and DNA sequencing.