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Did You Know?

Lehigh Engineering: Our proud heritage

Many Lehigh engineering alumni have attained positions of top leadership in U.S. business. Here are a few examples:

1899 Eugene Grace
B.S. in electrical engineering
Grace joined Bethlehem Steel as a crane operator and, by the age of 37, was appointed president of "The Steel." He wielded incredible influence over the Lehigh Valley, and much of the country's steel industry, for half a century.
1917 Frank Lynn Magee
B.S. in electrical engineering
Fresh out of Lehigh, Magee bypassed the usual hiring channels and mailed his employment application directly to the president of Alcoa. Forty years and many promotions later, he became president himself. In 1960, he was named chairman of Alcoa's board of directors.
1921 Monroe "Jack" Rathbone
B.S. in chemical engineering
Rathbone, CEO and chairman of Standard Oil (Exxon), helped develop the first fluid catalytic cracking unit, greatly increasing the efficiency of oil refining. He was one of 19 men from two centuries of American history chosen in 1975 for permanent membership in Fortune magazine's Hall of Fame of Business Leadership.
1948 Harold "Hal" Mohler
B.S. in industrial engineering
Mohler joined Hershey Foods as an industrial engineer after graduating from Lehigh. He rose through the ranks as assistant to the president, vice president, and, eventually, president, CEO, and Chairman of the Board.
1949 Donald Eldridge
B.S. in electrical engineering
Eldridge used his expertise in magnetics to attain technical leadership positions with Boeing and, later, Ampex Corp. His knowledge and experience prepared him to be one of the four founding members of the Memorex Corp. in 1961.
1957 Donald Franceschini
B.S. in industrial engineering
Franceschini oversaw the $7.5-billion personal products line of Sara Lee Corp. businesses that included Hanes, Champion, Playtex, Bali, Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren, as well as international brands marketed in 26 countries.
1940 Edward Uhl
B.S. in engineering physics
Uhl joined Fairchild Industries as president in 1961, and managed the Pershing missile, the A10 military aircraft, the ATS 6 satellite and other major development projects. Uhl became chairman of the aerospace firm in 1976.

Heritage Initiative

The Lehigh Engineering Heritage Initiative is a community supported project that recognizes the accomplishments that reflect Lehigh’s undeniable influence on the field of engineering.